Commando Leggings

Commando is a fantastic new designer who are currently making some of the most fascinating and exciting leggings and lingerie we have seen from a designer in a long time. Commando is a newer and younger designer that has only been around for a handful of years, but has truly blown us away with their first collection to debut here at UK Tights. So what exactly is so great about Commando and why is it so popular? Let's go and take a look at this amazing brand and see what is so great about them.

What Makes Commando's Leggings Range So Amazing?

Their range is a unique one, as they offer amazing fashion leggings, shaping leg wear and lingerie together in one place. And no, we don't mean that they have both shaping technology and fashion in the same place. We mean that they put all of their efforts into the same designs. Their leather look leggings are primarily fashion leggings, but they all have smoothing control built into their design. Faux leather leggings are some of the most popular type of leg wear around today and they seem to be only getting more and more popular with each season that passes and now they have a little built in smoothing technology. Commando Velvet Leggings are another amazing range of items that are a great example of this. They are fashion pieces with a gorgeous velvet-like material that looks incredibly chic, but underneath that material is a wonderfully flattering smoothing and shaping technology. This brand really is amazing at blending beautiful fashion pieces and shaping technology, without compromising either.

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