Dreamgirl Sheer Moulin Backseam Stockings 2 Pair Pack
Dreamgirl Sheer Moulin Backseam Stockings 2 Pair PackBlack

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Dreamgirl Eyelash Lace Halter Teddy
Save 20%
Dreamgirl Eyelash Lace Halter TeddyBlack Lipstick-Red

Dreamgirl Sheer Moulin Backseam Stockings
Dreamgirl Sheer Moulin Backseam StockingsBlack

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Dreamgirl Ribbon Garter Slip With Thong
Save 25%
Dreamgirl Ribbon Garter Slip With ThongLipstick-Red

Dreamgirl Garnet Mesh Slip With Thong
SAVE £10
Dreamgirl Garnet Mesh Slip With ThongGarnet

Dreamgirl Kiss Cap Sleeve Sleepshirt
1/2 Price
Dreamgirl Kiss Cap Sleeve SleepshirtBlack

Dreamgirl is easily one of the most exciting and stunning ranges we have had in our history here at UK Tights. Dreamgirl specialise in one thing and one thing only, making sexy items of lingerie and legwear. They manufacturer everything you can think of, from the sexy teddy to the humble hold ups to the always stunning bodystocking, but the commonality is that they are always gorgeous and they are always sexy.

Dreamgirl have built there brand around this over the years and have established themself as the best brand to go to if you was an item that puts visual impact first. There are other designers that will add something ornate and exuberant to their work and make it a little more eye catching than before but often a fashion brand is not willing to go all the way to make it as exciting as possible. This is understandable as a lof of fashion items are meant to be worn with reserved formal attire or chic outfits. Dreamgirl is different though, as most of what they design is for the boudoir. All of their items are better thought of as being made for indoors and away from the catwalk. In essense, they are more like Victoria's Secret than they are like Levi Jeans, who make items that want to be seen and you want to wear around town. So if you want something to wear only in your own bedroom, then the list of requirements is different. This is the time you need lacy items, revealing numbers and something more suggestive. If this is what you are looking for, then only one name pops into our heads, and that is Dreamgirl. Get a few items from this remarkable designer or maybe a set or two, and you will have a stunning ensemble that will make you feel even sexier than usual.

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