Blackspade Velvet Pyjama Set
Blackspade Velvet Pyjama SetSmoked-Grey

Blackspade Thermal Singlet
Blackspade Thermal SingletWhite Black

Blackspade Point Dot Pyjamas
Blackspade Point Dot PyjamasMint-Point

Blackspade Blackout Robe
Blackspade Blackout RobeBlack

Blackspade Aura Satin Shorty
Blackspade Aura Satin ShortyNavy

Blackspade Aura Satin Brief
Blackspade Aura Satin BriefNavy

Blackspade Aura Lace Shorty
Blackspade Aura Lace ShortyCacao

Blackspade Aura Lace Brief
Blackspade Aura Lace BriefCacao Cream

Blackspade are one of the top lingerie brands in Europe and are soon to be taking the rest of the world by storm, starting with the US. Established at its base in Turkey, Blackspade use the symbol of the fig leaf as their emblem, as this symbolically reflects the simplicity of that very first item of underwear worn in the Garden of Eden.

Blackspade notes that their products are "just as natural" as that original fig leaf, but "far more pleasant to wear", thankfully. The natural fibres, mainly cotton with the occasional inclusion of Spandex, which are used in all of their products can be found in the Aegean region and provide a softness to the material and an eco-friendly dimension to the production process. All of their garments, in addition, have a heat-transferred label rather than a tag, which prevents scratching and irritation.

Backspade Qualities

It would be impossible to enumerate all of the unique qualities of each of Blackspade marvellous ranges, mainly because there are so many in their collection. There are designs for men, women, babies, teens and children, and within these categories, we see a vast array of ranges specially designed for different lifestyles and tastes. But there are some that stand out as the most exciting in their collection. The Aura range centres on soft, delicate design and masterfully combines silky lace and satin with cotton blends to create singlets, briefs and shorts that sit softly against the skin and have a simple, pretty style.

Blackspade Private

One of Blackspade's more intimate ranges is named Private, and it combines the brand's signature soft cotton textiles with alluring, elegant lacy trimming and edging, giving these garments a distinctively sexy look. The items in this and many of the brand's other ranges are seamless, and therefore feel as if you have nothing on.

Blackspade Petticoat

Petticoat is Blackspade range of slips and, as with any good undergarment that lies directly beneath the outer layers of your outfit, these products have no seams and work to smooth out the curves of your figure. This means an end to pesky bra and panty edges protruding through your clothes. Thanks to the brand's commitment to natural fibres and cotton blends, they are also incredibly comfortable to wear and come in black or white, or light, natural tones that don't show up beneath light-coloured clothing.

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