Silk Hold Ups

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Cervin Rive Gauche Silk Hold Ups

20 denier, No stretch, Deep lace top, Very luxurious, Reinforced toe, Reinforced heel, 100% Silk

Available Sizes:
1 (4'10" - 5'5"), 2 (5'1" - 5'7"), 3 (5'5" - 5'10"), 4 (5'7" - 5'11")

Black Gazelle Ivory White
Silk is the epitome of luxury. It's the most loved and coveted fabric around and it certainly shows it. Silk hold ups are a fantastic way to add that exceptional luxury to any outfit and get a level of comfort and softness that's simply unrivalled. Combining the beauty of the fabric and the ornate finish of a lace top, silk hold ups are one of the most regal and rich looking garments you could choose for your wardrobe.

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