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Maximus Mens 100 Denier Opaque Tights

100 denier, Opaque, Great under work clothes, Perfect to replace sock and underwear, Thermal

Available Sizes:
Medium, Large, X Large

Maximus, the very first brand we've ever hosted that only makes tights for men. Maximus is an incredible designer that has chosen one pursuit, making high quality, durable legwear built for the male anatomy. Tights were originally worn by men and women, for warmth, comfort and style. Now, though men's tights are the minority, there are some brands that see the potential to build these fantastic items for men. From outdoor activities to Winter wear and to every day comfort, Maximus performs. You can hike, ski, run or just relax without the hassle of technical clothing or specialist gear. Maximus is the first brand to design only for men because they know exactly what the modern man needs, then they deliver it.

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