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Blue stockings might not have been the first thing you thought of when you imagined spreading your wings and trying something new in your outfit. But like many of the more eclectic and esoteric options in the fashion world, blue stockings can be a rather pleasant surprise. They are really gaining in popularity and are a surprisingly well loved new occurrence in the legwear world. We are surprised not because they should not be loved, but because of how niche such an item is. But in a world of some pretty crazy fashion choices, differentiating yourself from the tried and tested is an absolute necessity if you want to make something your own. Blue stockings are one of many new neon coloured items that are gaining popularity in the fashion scene. Winona Ryder wore a particularly thick pair of navy blue stockings to the set of her new ad campaign for a particularly notable fashion company. And if you go to the more arty scenes and places in your own cities, you will see this eclectic. While some dark blue stockings are warm on particularly chilly days, the lighter shades of baby blue bring a creative new twist to a vintage and classical garment. Blue stockings are particularly brilliant, because dark blues and royal blues are always tasteful, no matter the actual garment itself, bringing one kind of tasteful together with another. We also stock baby blues, light blues and electric neon blue stockings.

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