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Hosiery gloves are an accessory every legwear lover should have. They sound, at first, to be a superbly niche item and one that you will likely not need unless you absolutely adore legwear. But we think that anyone who appreciates legwear even just a little should invest in a pair of these wonderful items. It doesn't matter if its the most luxurious tights in the world or a pair of everyday sheers for work, they will last two or three times longer with hosiery gloves. Most hosiery gloves are simply white gloves made from a soft and satin finished material that keep your fingernails and any rough patches of skin on your finger tips from damaging the fabric of your tights. They protect your legwear from nails and the contours on your hand, preventing tears and ladders in your leg wear. These gloves will protect your tights and stockings each and every time you put a pair on, paying for themselves after just a few weeks. An excellent accesory for every legwear lover. If you want to instantly extend the life of any stockings, socks, tights or anything that you put on your legs, then the answer is a simple pair of hosiery gloves. And of course, you can wear them when putting on lingerie or other delicates, instantly extending the life of your other expensive and gorgeous items too.

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