Omero Shaping 20 Tights
Omero Shaping 20 TightsNero Playa-Nature

Omero Divina 20 Seamless Tights
Omero Divina 20 Seamless TightsNero Playa-Nature

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Omero Aestiva 8 Ultra Sheer Tights
Omero Aestiva 8 Ultra Sheer TightsNero Glace Cognac Playa-Nature Cannella

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Omero Luxor 20 Sheer Glossy Tights
Omero Luxor 20 Sheer Glossy TightsNero Cognac Playa-Nature

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Omero Luxor 40 Semi Opaque Tights
Omero Luxor 40 Semi Opaque TightsNero Antracite Te Playa-Nature Puder

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Omero is a brand new name in the UK Tights family, but they have been a strong name on the Italian leg wear scene for many years. Omero was first established in 1988. They were owned by Filodoro Calze, but in March 2003, they were acquired by PLUS Srl. This hosiery conglomerate was founded by the Ghirardi family in 1993, the namesake of a brand that we also carry. With their extensive experience in the hosiery industry, they became the parent company of Omero, and took it to new heights. The bran is now located in the northern Italian city of Castel Goffredo. This gorgeous location is renowned for its amazing small industries and workshops that make beautiful hosiery. They are often called as the "town of hosiery and pantyhose" due to its significant production of women's hosiery. With such a rich heritage and recognized quality, the Omero brand enjoyed a huge jump in its reputation, one that it deserves. Omero hosiery is nationally adored in Italy. Now it is becoming internationally acclaimed. They offer a fashionable and high quality line of items. When people think about Italian fashion, they are thinking of names like Omero, and this designer proudly represents the excellence of the phrase Made In Italy. In their home country, they can even be found 800 boutiques, a practise that is popular in Italy to this day. Now, their products are featured in a number of prestigious department stores. But now Omero is breaking into the next great frontier, the internet. This is why they are now partnering with UK Tights. This makes them available in nearly every nation of Earth simultaneously. You can find the best items from the Omero tights range right here at UK Tights.

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