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Cervin Champs Elysees Silk Stockings
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Silk stockings truly deliver the very best experience for any legwear lover. There really is no higher peak of luxury and beauty in the world of fashion than silk stockings. They have certain trademark qualities, like softness, a lustrous shine, and an eternal sense of style. All of these attributes make these items of legwear feel like a breath of fresh air against your skin and make your outfit look remarkably classic and timeless. Much of this comfort is achieved by naturally transferring moisture, creating the most comfortable fit possible. But this is just one element of silk that is incredible, and really the smallest part of what it has to offer. Silk stockings, as well as being incredibly light are extremely sheer and delicate. Bearing that in mind, and as a caution, they should be handled very carefully, so don't forget your hosiery gloves. That being said, do not be deterred they are pure indulgence and well worth that little bit extra cost. The real beauty of these items comes from their delicate softness and their lustrous sheen. Synthetic materials that are shiny cannot hold a candle to the subtle and natural beauty of these pure silk stockings. We think that pure silk stockings from France or Italy are the ultimate when it comes to hosiery. For that special occasion why not treat yourself or someone you love to a pair?

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