Patterned Hold Ups

Gabriella Puntina Hold Ups
Gabriella Puntina Hold UpsNero Nocciola-Nero

Giulia Mystery 20 Hold Ups
Giulia Mystery 20 Hold UpsBlack

Fiore Coquette 15 Hold Ups
Fiore Coquette 15 Hold UpsBlack

Falke Dot Hold Ups
Falke Dot Hold UpsBlack

Trasparenze Clover Hold Ups
Trasparenze Clover Hold UpsClover-Nero Clover-Cosmetic

Trasparenze Anguria Hold Ups
Trasparenze Anguria Hold UpsNero Cosmetic

Fiore Fragile 15 Hold Ups
Fiore Fragile 15 Hold UpsBlack Ecru

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Fiore Sparkling 20 Hold Ups
Fiore Sparkling 20 Hold UpsNude-Brown-Top

Ballerina Thalia Backseamed Hold Ups
Ballerina Thalia Backseamed Hold UpsBlack Grey

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Passion Miriam Hold Ups
Passion Miriam Hold UpsNero

Passion Brooke Hold Ups
Passion Brooke Hold UpsNero

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Passion April Hold Ups
Passion April Hold UpsNero Bianco

Passion Eliza Hold Ups
Passion Eliza Hold UpsNero

Fiore Dominique 40 Hold Ups
Fiore Dominique 40 Hold UpsBlack

Fiore Francine 30 Hold Ups
Fiore Francine 30 Hold UpsBlack

Ballerina Genevieve Fishnet Lace Top Hold Ups
Ballerina Genevieve Fishnet Lace Top Hold UpsBlack-Granata

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Ballerina Demeter Deep Lace Top Hold Ups
Ballerina Demeter Deep Lace Top Hold UpsGrey-Emerald

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Fiore Favorita 20 Hold Ups
Fiore Favorita 20 Hold UpsBlack

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Silky Scarlet Whale Net Hold Ups
Silky Scarlet Whale Net Hold UpsBlack

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Trasparenze Ambra Coloured Fishnet Hold Ups
Trasparenze Ambra Coloured Fishnet Hold UpsNero Navy Rosso Playa Sabbia Bianco-Seta Bianco

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Patterned hold ups are one of the fastest growing types of hosiery out there. They really are the perfect combination of ease and style all in one place. Patterned legwear has been a thing for a logn time, but with recent improvements in the machinery that make the world's legwear, they are getting more complex now. Amazing displays of floral prints, lace motifs, colourful patterns and monochrome ones too are all now available and patterned hold ups are looking better than ever before. With so many of them out there, patterns are about as versatile as you can get. And of course, the hold ups part of this style of garment is truly wonderful too, thanks to hold ups having an intrinsic feminine appearance and a beautiful and attractive look about them. Combine this feminity and creativity with legwear that you can simply slip on and you get patterned hold ups, one of the easiest garments in the fashion world. Patterned hold ups are one of our favourite kinds of hosiery and it looks like they're becoming everyone else's favourites too, and rightly so. Here we have some of the best of this category, including patterned floral hold ups and even more creative numbers. There really is something for everyone with this type of leagwear.

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