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Corsets are a timeless symbol of stylistic genius. A survivor of the caprices of fashion, from its earliest use right up to the present day. Before the turn of the 19th century, a woman's ultimate aim was a 'wasp waist' which could only be achieved by hooking oneself in with a corset. Daily corset-wearing, caused women a great deal of pain, suffering and regularly led to fainting. The recent explosion of the burlesque scene has, thankfully, seen a reinvention and revitalisation of the corset. With less focus on constrictive, body-binding, corsets are now used to enhance rather than to crush the female figure. Where the internal organ crushing corsets of the past were seen as a symbol of female oppression, the sexy, fashion corsets we wear today are commonly worn to celebrate female empowerment.

Difference Between A Corset And A Basque

No longer a necessary undergarment of the bourgeoisie and upper classes but a striking, sexy fashion item. The function of corsets is still to force the body into the desired shape, achieved with the aid of metal 'bones' running lengthwise throughout the garment laced tightly either at the front or back. A basque is a more relaxed lingerie garment which gives the stunning, visual impression of a corset without the constriction or the hassle it takes to get into one. Whilst this can be quite a lengthy ordeal, fans would argue that this ritual is part of the thrill and excitement of wearing a corset!

How To Wear A Corset Or Basque

Corsets and basques tend to be worn on special occasions. Corsets are mainly worn as outer garments rather than underwear. For a night on the town, they look stunning with jeans or a pencil skirt and some killer heels. For a more formal event, a corset with a full, floor-length skirt, creates an incredibly impressive haute couture ensemble. Such an outfit could be topped with a satin top hat and some opulent ostrich feathers for a steampunk look. Basques, on the other hand, tend to be worn as undergarments, either as functional body-shapers, bridal corsets for example, or to bring fun, Moulin Rouge style drama to the bedroom.

However you wear a corset or basque, it will undoubtedly make you look sassy and feel sensational! Let your imagination run wild with our glorious range of corsets and basques.

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