Fantasie lingerie is a wonderful and popular underwear designer, one of the best known in Europe, in fact. They are also a member of the Wacoal family of brands, perhaps an even better-known name. Wacoal is a huge and very well established collection of designers and fashion houses, and they have brought us so many names and new additions to our range. They are the kind of parent company that we just knew have been behind another great brand like Fantasie. So why is Fantasie so fantastic, if you'll pardon our pun? Why is it one of our most loved and in-demand brands?

What Makes Fantasie Lingerie So Wonderful?

Fantasie has so many things going for it. It makes us excited to see their new collections each and every season. One reason is simple. It is great for women of any size. Their line up of items offer sizes for bigger busts and for petite girls also. The amazing array of these sizes is a huge part of why we love them. So many designers have either one or the other, but rarely both. But Fantasie wants to provide sizes from the more conventional selection up to the full cup lingerie and underwear designs. Not many designers have such a wonderful choice and selection and we really love that about Fantasie bras, and Fatasie briefs.

Is Fantasie A Fashion Lingerie Brand?

Whilst we love the fact Fantasie offers a wonderful array of sizes in their underwear designs, we don't want to limit them to a brand that is all about its sizes alone. They are also a fashion designer at their core also. Fantasie bras are wonderful items with so much creativity and innovation in every new release. The same goes for Fantasie briefs and other essential pieces. They love to make designs that are just as gorgeous as they are well made. And we think they are just as stylish as some of the best known and larger fashion designers out there. Designers that do a great range of sizes often don't do a great deal of fashion pieces, but Fantasie seem to be able to do both without compromise.

Why Should I Get A Brand New Fantasie Bra?

If you want style, charm, well made items in a great range of sizes, there are few names that have it all in heaps. But if we have to name some, Fantasie bras are one of them. If you want amazing fashion and some of the best made lingerie and underwear you have ever had, Fantasie is a wonderful way to go.

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