Aubade Soleil Nocturne Thong
Aubade Soleil Nocturne ThongNoir

Aubade Soleil Nocturne Basque
Aubade Soleil Nocturne BasqueNoir Gala

Aubade Nudessence Brief
Aubade Nudessence BriefBlack

Aubade Femme Aubade Tanga
Aubade Femme Aubade TangaBlack

Aubade Femme Aubade Bustier
Aubade Femme Aubade BustierBlack

Aubade Delicate Extase Thong
Aubade Delicate Extase ThongExtase-Noir-Magie Extase-Harmonie

Aubade Charme D Eden St Tropez Short
Save £20
Aubade Charme D Eden St Tropez ShortClair-De-Rose

Aubade is one of our absolute favourite designers in the world of lingerie right now, and they have a profile and history that are exactly as you would expect from a Parisian designer. Beautiful, exciting and feminine, with elements from the most popular and flattering fashion trends of the the past few centuries. French lace, stunning colour schemes, beautiful designs and a certain good taste that only designers in Paris can achieve. All of this is present in Aubade's range and their work is among the most historic and classic you'll ever wear.

Aubade began production in the world of lingerie in 1958, a very special time in Paris' history and the history of fashion at large. It was just over a decade since the war and many nations were still getting back on their feet. Rationing of silk and other precious materials were still in effect and making nylon or silk underwear was a truly difficult task. But Aubade were still one of the most prolific designers of the time, and there are a handful of explanations for that. One, that they were clever with their materials, making lace items over solid silks, which use less material, and employing some of the first cut-outs in the fashion world making their designs more sensual at the same time. Secondly, their quality and creativity made them the number one most loved designer in Paris, and in a time of scarcity, they became one of the only games in town, with people choosing their superb quality over anything else. It isn't surprising to us that both would be true, but the latter especially true. In times where people expected the very best from their lingerie because of how expensive and rare it had become, only the very best survived, but they also thrived due to the brand loyalty that was created at the time.

Whenever one finds a port in the storm, or a high quality lingerie designer among such scarcity, loyalty to a designer is inevitable. This love of the Aubade lingerie brand has persisted beyond the hard times of its founding years though. Today, those women who buy Aubade rarely ever consider switching to another designer. That's because the quality of their designs has remained high, and they haven't forgotten what made them so popular in the first place. Aubade's newest generation of customers are as impressed as any other and stick with these designs for a long time.

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