Aubade is one of the most exciting new additions to our leg wear range this year. They are one of the best names in Europe for lingerie and underwear, and now they are expanding their leg wear too. Since 1958, Aubade has made underwear like bras and briefs in their workshop in Paris. They started with one mission, as stated on their own site, which was to make underwear a "weapon of seduction". This is exactly what they did, and much of the French lingerie scene owes its success to them. In fact, it is the whole world that can thank Aubade for making underwear what it is today. Beautiful bras and briefs, stunning corsets and delightful negligees. All these are part of Aubade's range, and everything is as beautiful as it can be and as high quality as possible. When you think of seductive underwear, it is Aubade you are imagining. Now they have begun making leg wear too. Gorgeous tights, stunning stockings and hold ups are all awaiting release. For now, their range is small, but it is of the highest quality. It will soon be as extensive and rich as any auteur designer's range of clothing. They maintain their original image as true artists, working from an atelier, as is the way in Paris. Their small and well crafted collections of lingerie are among the best in the world of clothing. It is a delight to wear Aubade and they deserve their reputation for delightful fashion. So watch this space and try more of their designs as they release them. We know that each item of leg wear that they release will be as stunning as the last. Aubade will be our most original designer, and you'll always look forward to their new items. If originality and experimental designs are not your thing, don't worry. They have always maintained a core of lingerie classics and they will do the same with their tights. So whether it is a timeless number or new and uncharted territory, Aubade will always be a favourite of ours.

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