Patterned Stockings

Patterned stockings are not exactly the most new thing on the fashion scene, but compared to the length that stockings themselves have been around then they have been with us for a blink of an eye. Changing an old favourite like this can be very tricky, but patterned stockings are overall a very welcome update that lives alongside regular stockings in your wardrobe. Stockings were the very first form of hosiery, but extra things like colours and patterns were never a huge part of this category of hosiery. That is because it was mostly impossible to make really detailed motifs and patterns in the past when stockings were first invented. Nowadays patterned stockings are much easier to make, and some designers have decided that stockings are ripe for a design revolution. Rather than the classic image of stockings as plain and unadorned garments built for black tie events, these brands want to make the most of these beautiful items of legwear. Patterned stockings are the perfect way to really use all the variety in the world of fashion. And with them being amazingly sexy and feminine, they are a gorgeous choice if you want a head turner of an outfit too. Everything you love from coats and blouses and accessories blended with the world's most sophisticated legwear, all in the form of patterned stockings.

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