Ballerina Atropos Dotted Backseam Vintage Stockings

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* Hush Hush collection
* Sheer black leg
* Contrast red highlights
* Flat top
* Dotted detail
* Back seam
* Baroque pattern
* Scented hosiery
* Luxury packaging
* 82% Polyamide
* 18% Elastane
Atropos is a delightful new take on the classic backseam, and one that pays tribute to a lesser known name in the myths of Greece. Atropos was one of the Fates, the three goddesses that wove the threads of a hero's life. Atropos was the one that cut the thread, so fitting that this would be a dotted backseam, with little neat breaks in the pattern. It is just as gorgeous and just as head turning, but much more original and new than the conventional backseam.

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Ballerina Atropos Dotted Backseam Vintage Stockings
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