Le Bourget

Le Bourget Transparent Satine 15 Denier Tights
Le Bourget Transparent Satine 15 Denier TightsNoir Nearly-Black Vison Volcan Noisette

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Le Bourget Perfect Chic 20 Knee Highs
Le Bourget Perfect Chic 20 Knee HighsNoir Bronze

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Le Bourget Allure Dentelle Body
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Le Bourget Allure Dentelle BodyNoir

Le Bourget Jarretiere Dentelle Hold Ups
Le Bourget Jarretiere Dentelle Hold UpsVison Panama

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Le Bourget was founded in 1924 in France, the home of great fashion and the homeland of some of the best legwear in the world. Le Bourget began its life as a family run company and remained so up until until 1994, when it was such a big name in France that it wanted to become more international and was aquired by another company. It is now owned by the Italian Group CSP International. CSP is based in the production area of Castel Goffredo, where 60% of the hosiery consumed in Europe and 30% of the hosiery consumed worldwide is produced. CSP International has been operating in this field for 30 years and now, with more than 1,500 employees, Le Bourget produces more than 100 millions pairs of stockings and tights per year, making it one of the biggest names in the industry. CSP International is the 2nd largest Italian Hosiery Company, the 3rd largest Hosiery Company in Europe and the 8th in the world. It is also the sole Italian Company of the sector listed on the Stock Exchange. But what is so great about Le Bourget tights themselves? Namely, they are the epitome of French design. Sexy, high quality, classically beautiful and stunning all around. Their works are all like this, with an eternally chic and gorgeous sense of style and heaps of femininity.

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