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Falke Hosiery Wash Bag
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Wolford Wash Bag
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Kunert Hosiery Wash Bag
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Hosiery wash bags are an ideal addition to any wardrobe, and really are a necessity for any hosiery lover. They are the very best way to preserve the integrity of your hosiery and extend the life of any item of legwear as you wash them. So what exactly is a tights wash bag? And what can I do to put it to good use? You can use a wash bag each time you hand wash all your tights. Simply pop your legwear into a mesh bag with a little zip up top and throw them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. That really is the whole story on how to use a hosiery wash bag. You can also couple this amazing accessory with some hosiery wash, such as the one made by Wolford, to make sure you get a really gentle wash. A hosiery wash bag will easily end up paying for itself in just a couple of weeks, as it keeps your legwear from ripping or tearing whilst you wash them. And of course, it is a great time saving, allowing you to keep your fashion tights and lace top hold ups clean and fresh and maintained, without any of the hastle of hand washing them. A marvellous way to make the most of your legwear, be able to wear the stuff you love and keep your hosiery lasting much, much longer. If you are a legwear lover, you must invest in a hosiery wash bag.

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