Gabriella Tights

Gabriella Gala Hold Ups
Gabriella Gala Hold UpsBlack Nocciola-Nero

Gabriella Puntina Hold Ups
Gabriella Puntina Hold UpsNero Nocciola-Nero

Gabriella Avior Hold Ups
Gabriella Avior Hold UpsNero-Red

Gabriella Wendy Zebra Tights
Gabriella Wendy Zebra TightsNero

Gabriella Caty Tights
Gabriella Caty TightsNero-Leopard Beige-Leopard

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Gabriella Supreme 40 Denier Tights
Gabriella Supreme 40 Denier TightsNero Grafit Valenza

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Gabriella Lovia Hold Ups
Gabriella Lovia Hold UpsNero Beige

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Gabriella Amanda Open Crotch Tights
Gabriella Amanda Open Crotch TightsNero

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Gabriella Silvana Strip Panty Tights
Gabriella Silvana Strip Panty TightsNero

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Gabriella Axel Tights
Gabriella Axel TightsNero

Gabriella Savia Tights
Gabriella Savia TightsNero

Gabriella Sofia Tights
Gabriella Sofia TightsNero

Gabriella Fabia Tights
Gabriella Fabia TightsMelange-Grafit

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Gabriella Linette Tights
Gabriella Linette TightsNero-Seam

Gabriella Puntina Tights
Gabriella Puntina TightsNero Beige

Gabriella is not just a brand new brand to UK Tights, it is a brand new designer to the rest of the legwear community and the rest of the fashion world. This is a newer and younger brand from Poland that has only been designing for a few years, but for us that is a very good thing. We love our seasoned and veterans designers plenty but we also know that many younger fashion tights designers are full of ambition and make some of the most interesting and innovative items around. Gabriella fashion tights are no different and are an exemplary brand when it comes to being young, passionate and full of great ideas. They are one of the few fashion tights designers that are able to do that very rare thing of combining the classics with new and innovative trends. An example would be their first collection with us, which had everything you could imagine. Namely, polka dots which they have layered on top of diagonal stripes, or classic floral lace on the bottom half of the leg and a sheer fabric on top. Gabriella tights are all designed with love and creativity and you can find some new and interesting in so many items from their Gabriella fashion tights range. So if you want to kind some of the most interesting and new fashion tights in the industry right now, perhaps be among the first in the UK to get hold of them, then try Gabriella fashion tights.

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