There are many names in the world of lingerie that concentrate on fashion and sexiness. There are many that try and make items that are comfy or for women with bigger cups. But Chantelle are one of the few that can do both. These are some of the most supportive bras we have ever had in our range here at UK Tights. They are all great at offering a supportive and comfy fit with innovations like three sectioned cups, wide side panels and wings, slightly broader straps. All of these components are great making lingerie that can offer you the support you need as a women with a bigger bust. But these are all present in other designers and brands, are they not? This is true, but so many of them don't care too much about looks or appearances, and certainly not trends and style. Of so many brands out there that make bigger bust bras, not one of them look quite as good as the items from Chantelle. There are so many gorgeous and cute designs that, at a glance, you would think they are a fashion designer first and foremost. This is a great thing, as many designers show they are trying to juggle a few things at once. But with Chantelle you see the fashion, but you feel the fit. The most perfect combination you can imagine.

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