Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky are exactly the kind of designer we love. Namely, they are the kind of brand that picks one or two particular things and makes their range the best in that field they possibly can. So what is this particular area that Hanky Panky has decided to concentrate on? Well, it's perhaps one of the most specific in our whole family of designers. Hanky Panky lingerie loves easy to wear, unstructured and gorgeous lingerie. What does that mean exactly, easy to wear and unstructured? Their bras and bralettes are simple and minimalist in their design, with no underwires, supportive mesh materials, or heaps of over-engineering. They are very simplistic constructions with little to no extra additions or features to make the design more complex than it needs to be. That is why most of their bras are actually categorised as bralettes, as they have no internal structuring and rely on the shape of the lace to offer you fit and coverage. This is the most comfy, easy fitting and gorgeous bra you can imagine all thanks to the fact that it is made nearly entirely from lace, has little to no extra parts and is as easy to wear as a pair of lace briefs are. This is about the most laid back approach to underwear you can find and it is super stylish at the same time too.

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