Esbelt High Compression Leggings
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Esbelt is among the most interesting brands we have ever had here at UK Tights, or on any of our sites for that matter. They make shapewear, but that really doesn't sum up their range or fully show what it is they make best. They make some of the most unconventional and interesting shapewear in the world. One example is their Compression Bodyshapers, which is essentially a corset with thigh attachments. This garment is like a shaping dress, except they often ride up because of their close fitting nature. So this version folds the dress around the thighs like cycling shorts and leaves the crotch area uncovered for ease of movement. There's also the All-In-One Body Shaper, which is a shaping garment that fits just like a swimsuit, with a built in brief, full torso support and shoulder straps.

The one difference is that Esbelt have left this item of shapewear without cups, so that you can wear your own choice of bra with them. This full body garments are often uncomfortable for women who need larger cup sizes as they compress the chest too much, but now you can pair the bra of your choice with them. Many women have specially fitted bras which are important for your back and posture, but there is no one who really does custom fitted shapewear, so it's a choice between having the exact figure you want and the outfit that's good for your health. Well, not anymore! And of course, the most famous or perhaps infamous of their designs is the Esbelt Bum Booster, informally known by fans as 'The Bum Bum'. It is a pair of plain briefs that lifts and shapes your bottom just like any other shaping briefs, but the difference is that the cheeks are padded quite significantly. The aim is simple, to give you the Kim Kardashian bum, or the Nicki Minaj bum if you prefer. A fuller hourglass figure is very much in vogue right now and for those who are on the journey to their ideal figure with squats, zumba and other exercises, but want to see results sooner, Esbelt Bum Booster is the best option on the market! Whatever the result is that you are pursuing, consider an item from Esbelt.

There is always something new and interesting to find in their range and much of what they make will be ideal for situations and eventualities that you never new you needed to think about. Their items are also so well made. For the past few seasons that we have had them on our sight, we have seen almost no returns or complaints.

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