Lace Top Stockings

Fiore Voila 20 Stockings
Fiore Voila 20 StockingsBlack-Poudre

Glamory Luxury 20 Denier Stockings
Glamory Luxury 20 Denier StockingsSchwarz Schwarz-Red Make-Up Champagne

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Couture Ultra Gloss Luxury Lace Top Stockings
Couture Ultra Gloss Luxury Lace Top StockingsBlack Barely-Black Natural Nude

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Girardi Femme Stockings
Girardi Femme StockingsNero Marine Safari Panna

Glamory Dream 20 Denier Stockings
Glamory Dream 20 Denier StockingsSchwarz Champagne

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Silky Scarlet Lace Top Fishnet Stockings
Silky Scarlet Lace Top Fishnet StockingsBlack

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Silky Super Shine Lace Top Stockings
Silky Super Shine Lace Top StockingsBlack Barely-Black Nude White

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Charnos Bridal Lace Top Stockings
Charnos Bridal Lace Top StockingsChampagne-Ivory Ivory

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Trasparenze Eleonora 20 Lace Top Stockings
Trasparenze Eleonora 20 Lace Top StockingsBlack Antracite Fango Playa Bianco-Seta Bianco

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Leg Avenue Vertical Stripe Stockings
Leg Avenue Vertical Stripe StockingsBlack

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Falke Seidenglatt 15 Denier Stockings
Falke Seidenglatt 15 Denier StockingsBlack Powder Champagne

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What is more traditionally beautiful than lace top stockings in the world of leg wear? Not a lot at all, we think. Lace top stockings are one of the world's very best ways to bring sexiness into your outfit and help revive that old school kind of vintage fashion that is coming back into popularity these days. Lace top stockings are seductive in the bedroom, but is totally chic in the outside world. A great all round style of leg wear.

There are certain occasion on which the accessories you wear can be more important that your actual outfit. This is certainly the case with lace tops, which have a sultry, sophisticated appeal that many men simply can't resist. Following is everything you need to know about choosing and wearing these garments.
Traditionally, stockings like these have always been chosen in colours that coordinate with the undergarments that are being worn. Thus, if you are wearing a white bodysuit or a white bra and panties, you probably want to stick with white stocking styles. This creates a seamless look.
If you're looking to create a breathtaking and unique ensemble from the inside out, however, it doesn't hurt to play around with different colour combinations, particularly when it comes to your high heel and your bra and panties. There are neon colours to choose from, reds, darker shades like black, nude and ebony. In fact, there are even garter belts that have multiple colour within their ornate designs. This is why it is always best to work with a supplier that has an expansive inventory for you to choose from.

Bridal Lace Tops

To help you feel extra special on your wedding day brides often pick the lace top because it is just so special. When wearing lacy undergarments, you want to make sure that the two lace patterns blends well. Surprisingly, even lace designs that are the exact same colour can clash, though usually for your wedding you would choose ivory stockings or white stockings. You don't need this to be a perfect match, make sure that the different patterns are not so radically dissimilar that they look displeasing when placed close together.

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