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Bahner is possibly the very best support tights brand out there. This is a bold statement but one we make quite confidently. Bahner have been making support leg wear for longer than some of our other hosiery brands have been in existence. Bahner began their support pantyhose production in 1890, making them one of the oldest producers of hosiery in the world. Most of their history has been orientated around support tights, making items that massage and compress your legs before any other European manufacturer thought to make them. In the late 1800s, people were on their feet much more than they are these days but support hosiery was practically unheard of. Bahner created revolutionary legwear designed to compress your legs and massage them, revitalising tired legs and boosting circulation. This is vital for people who are spending a good portion of their day on their feet, no matter the reason.

Quality Compression Hosiery

The development of nylon around 50 years earlier presented Bahner with the perfect material from which to create their innovative leg wear. Being easy to make, inexpensive, durable and best of all, malleable, Nylon naturally hugs the body and works with your natural movements so it is the perfect material for making support tights out of. In fact, support tights would not be possible without this miracle material. Bahner were one of the first companies to adopt this fabric and recognised its use in compression tights.

Legwear To Feel Confident In

Their ability to stay ahead of the curve is a very important one, not just because of how impressive it is that they thought to experiment in such a way with nylon, but also the experience they have gained by doing so. Like any super technical kind of clothing item that can be manufactured, there is no end to the innovation for designers to engage in. Just as the earliest German car designers are coming up with new ways to make their cars safer, more comfortable, more beautiful and, of course, a little bit faster! Bahner are constantly developing their hosiery products in line with the latest technology to make sure at their hosiery products are the the best that they can possibly be.

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