Hudson Tights

Hudson Micro 50 Tights
Hudson Micro 50 TightsBlack

Hudson Micro 100 Tights
Hudson Micro 100 TightsBlack

Hudson Light 8 Hold Ups
Hudson Light 8 Hold UpsBrasil

Hudson Lilly Put 20 Denier Tights 2 Pair Pack
Hudson Lilly Put 20 Denier Tights 2 Pair PackBlack Marine Graphite Flanell Diamant Make-Up Perle Caramel Paloma Teint White

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Hudson Light 8 Tights
Hudson Light 8 TightsHoney Make-Up Brasil

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Hudson Glamour Glossy XL Tights
Hudson Glamour Glossy XL TightsBlack Teint

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Hudson Glamour Glossy Tights
Hudson Glamour Glossy TightsBlack Marine Diamant Teint Skin

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Hudson Cover 300 Denier Opaque Tights
Hudson Cover 300 Denier Opaque TightsDark-Hazel

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Hudson was originally founded in 1926 in New York, New York, a city so good they named it twice. And like much of what emerges from that city, the fashion that Hudson tights produces is just as good. Their work is always super chic, cosmopolitan and unconventional. Originality, fun, entertainment and excitement are represented in the collection's style and the state of mind behind this brand. Whilst originally from the United States, Hudson became part of the Kunert group, and they are now made in Germany. Their latest ranges are a retro trip down memory lane, embodying the fifties look that is coming back so strongly. The new powerful colour palettes, a wide variety of printed motifs, xxxxx and feminine styling elements will make people keen on trying new combinations. Funky tights, stockings, thigh highs, are the seasons trendy must-have accessories. Simple designs in black and white (Zebra print), pastel colours and strongly coloured printings make city legs exciting. The also have a great range of every day hosiery, city pantyhose come in many colours even Navy, the glamour glossy tights are what they say they are, great shine and great glam! Oh I nearly forgot, the top ten coloured knee highs have a great range of funky colours orange, lemon grass and aqua to name a few, great to wear under pants.

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