Green Hold Ups

Green hold ups is a phrase that you possibly don't imagine is a core of the legwear offerings here at UK Tights. Whilst it is a niche item, it is not unheard of and is much more popular than many might think. Green is an amazing colour that can be both warm and cool, often considered the only colour that can do both. As such, it can easily be both mellow and daring. This means that adding green to your outfit is one of the greatest ways to bring it some versatility. And green hold ups also have the advantage of being made in a colour that is infinitely matchable with skin tones too, so both fair and darker skin suits green very well. There are many ways to add this wonderful colour, but if you want to include green into an outfit, one original way you might not have seen before would be through legwear. Green hold ups are tasteful and sexy at the same time. The colour brings in something classic yet laid back, whilst the lace is wonderfully feminine. A very popular option is bottle green hold ups, as they have the benefit of being great for formal or smart attire, combining well with grey, charcoal and other darker shades and earth tones. See all our green hold ups right here and find something you absolutely love.

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