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Bahner 140 Denier Extra Firm Support Hold Ups
Bahner 140 Denier Extra Firm Support Hold UpsSchwarz Make-Up Ballade

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RHT hold ups are a big part of our range and one of the most important and popular items to ever be released in the world of legwear. So what are they and what do they do? Well, an RHT hold up is simple a pair of hold ups with a reinforced heel and toe. Also called reciprocal heel and toe hold ups sometimes. This means that the fabric of the hold ups around the foot is doubled up and folded back over, then stitched and finished so that they are sturdy and more durable. The result is a pair of hold ups that beats nearly all of their competition for sturdiness and robustness around the toes, heel and under the foot. They wear out less quickly and they are overall more comfy. The other great thing about RHT hold ups is that they are also a great way to get a dose of vintage charm into your outfit. The beautiful and old school darker foot area makes them a lovely item to wear if you want pin up hold ups or the pinup girl effect. These are overall more beautiful, more stylish, more robust and more lovely to wear than most any kind of hold ups you can imagine. Every woman should have at least one pair of RHT hold ups in her wardrobe, and if you want an even more vintage look, why not try our RHT stockings range. It is the exact same wonderful garment but in a silicone free stocking, perfect a suspender belt and stockings set for the truly vintage look.

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