Hanro is one of the most exciting and anticipated additions to the UK Tights range, for three big reasons.

Firstly, we have courted the brand of Hanro for a long time. We have hoped to bring them into our family for a long time, and have been in talks with the owners about how to represent and offer their brand to the world best.

The second reason is that Hanro is our first brand that deals most prominently in menswear. We have had brands that have items for men and women, but never have we had a range that puts their male audience first. This is important, as designing for different genders is difficult and challenging, a specialist designer will always have an edge over those who designer for everyone.

And of course, the third reason is simple, Hanro is amongst the best designer of underwear in the world. That is a bold statement, putting them up against Chanel, Agent Provocateur and Fleur of England, but we stand by it.

Hanro quality

Hanro makes some of the best underwear in the world, if not the best. When the product testers at UK Tights first tried some of their basics, the under shirts, they were a little confused to find a silk shirt so inexpensive to buy at cost. Then we were informed that the shirt was actually cotton, explaining its price point, but not its softness. Hanro of Switzerland uses simply the best components for their items. From cotton that feels like silk to robes that could easily be mistaken for cashmere but are in fact made from synthetic fibres and cotton blended together.

They are master designers that know their way around an item of clothing. But they don't stop at good fabrics. Like a good wine, it would be a tragedy to use it to cook with unless you have a master chef who knows what it takes to make the most of the ingredient, and materials are no different.

Hanro Garment Designers

Hanro of Switzerland maintain one of the most respected rosters of designers and garment makers in the world, and they treat their team like a Renaissance prince might patronise a skilled artist. They give them everything they need to succeed and foster their talent.

As a result, you see items that have been patiently crafted with love and made with a consummate skill that no one else in the world can manage.

Hanro have built their reputation on this recipe, bringing together talent, time and patience to create the perfect scene for the magic of great lingerie design to happen on its own.

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