Marie Jo

Marie Jo Studio Thong
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Marie Jo Studio ThongPatine Natural

Marie Jo Studio Lace Brief
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Marie Jo Studio Lace BriefNatural

Marie Jo Sakura Padded Bra
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Marie Jo Sakura Padded BraNatural

Marie Jo Sakura Balcony Bra
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Marie Jo Sakura Balcony BraNatural

Marie Jo Rafael Thong
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Marie Jo Rafael ThongBlue-Cruise

Marie Jo Rafael Padded Bra
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Marie Jo Rafael Padded BraBlue-Cruise

Marie Jo Rafael Balcony Bra
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Marie Jo Rafael Balcony BraBlue-Cruise

Marie Jo Jane Italian Brief
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Marie Jo Jane Italian BriefBlack

Marie Jo Erika Push Up Bra
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Marie Jo Erika Push Up BraAncien-Rose

Marie Jo Avero Thong
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Marie Jo Avero ThongNatural

Marie Jo Avero Padded Balcony Bra
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Marie Jo Avero Padded Balcony BraToffee Natural

Marie Jo are a unique entry in our collection of lingerie designers. They are the only Flemish designer we have ever had here at UK Tights and UK Swimwear for that matter. They are a very interesting and passionate designer of bras and briefs and have quickly become one of our top two or three designers in our Lingerie section. So what makes this relatively young designer, who isn't ensconced in the atelier's of Milan and Paris, but instead comes from the picturesque and quaint nation of Belgium so very popular? We think it is down to two words, quality and passion. Marie Jo bras in particular, but all of their garments have a concentration on quality, in all ways you might imagine. Fit is superb and comfortable with the underwiring of their bras never irritating or annoying you, and the sizes never being frustrating a too small or oddly shaped as many designers are want to do. This means you rarely need to worry about the fit and never at all need to order three sizes just to try them on and send them back after you've found the right one.

Marie Jo are known for their amazingly designed and perfectly fitted garments. Another aspect of quality is the way they last. Marie Jo bras are likely to be among your most faithful and stalwart items of underwear in your draw, lasting and standing up to the test of time so very well. They are unbeatable in their ability to do this, with fabrics that don't easily degrade and a cut and shape that prevents a poor fit that doesn't strain the fabric or make you uncomfortable and a conventional boxy bra can do. In other word's it is contoured to your shape and will support you rather than work against you. This pretty much covers the word quality and what it means in Marie Jo's range, but what about the other attribute we mentioned, passion? It's a harder to define term and evidence is more felt than it is proved, but we think that the design team at Marie Jo is among the most passionate in the world of leg wear.

Their designs show an attention to detail that betrays just how much they put into their work, with patterns that are classics and old favourites brought into the new world, often with a new twist. This remastering of the classic is a common thing among designers, but Marie Jo seem to not just run the item through a convey belt process like less well regarded designers might do, with each pattern getting its own custom recreation and the attention it deserves.

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