ExOfficio Modern Travel Bra
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ExOfficio Modern Travel BraPlain-Black

ExOfficio Mens Sport Mesh Crew Neck
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ExOfficio Mens Sport Mesh Crew NeckPlain-Black Charcoal White

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Exofficio is one of the greatest brands of underwear on the planet. Quite the claim, isn't it? Well, it is entirely true. New York Magazine, Faveable and Mens Health all ranked this brand on their top ten lists of underwear, and no other brands has been a feature across all these short lists. They make underwear that is specifically athletic, but is designed to be able to be worn anywhere. Simple black or navy boxer briefs that look like a stylish pair of modern boxers, but are made from space age material and move like a second skin. ExOfficio have historically concentrated on their male market with their underwear, but now have a much broader offering, however there's an upside to becoming so specialised in one type of garment for one audience. ExOfficio made mens underwear for so long that they really know what men want in their clothing. Most men want an item that they can wear easily and never have to worry about again. Buy one great type of underwear that goes to the gym, the boardroom, a date or travelling. Ten pairs, one colour, no worries. This is a mantra that the modern man in our busy world needs to follow.

ExOfficio knows this and they decided to create mens underwear that does all of this, providing comfort and ease of movement for relaxing and the gym, and handling style through colour and careful design. The latter is the easiest part. Choose a range of simple colours and shades that go anywhere, which means primarily three colours; black, black and black. It is true that nearly everything they do is in black, but their designers made sure to cover every man's taste with charcoal, steel, white and navy. All these colours go anywhere and everywhere, and no situation or outfit is missed out. As for the comfort and the movement, these two can both be handled by one simple approach, material. The high quality nylon and spandex blend is the perfect way to make the item comfy as they move as you do, whether you are sat in the office chair or stretching out on the sofa with the newspaper.

ExOfficio have also worked hard to make their materials all moisture wicking and anti-microbial so they stay fresher for longer. And that's also what makes their underwear so great for travel. Anti-microbial and quick-dry make any of their underwear perfect for travel, which is one of their clothing ranges main focuses. ExOfficio gave several journalists from National Geographic and other publications samples.

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