Large Hold Ups

Girardi Dea Hold Ups
Girardi Dea Hold UpsNero-Rosso

Gabriella Avior Hold Ups
Gabriella Avior Hold UpsNero-Red

Fiore Volcan 40 Hold Ups
Fiore Volcan 40 Hold UpsBlack

Cervin Divine Hold Ups
Cervin Divine Hold UpsBlack

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Pamela Mann Entice Lace Top Hold Ups
Pamela Mann Entice Lace Top Hold UpsBlack Red Naturel

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Fiore Fragile 15 Hold Ups
Fiore Fragile 15 Hold UpsBlack Ecru

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Fiore Sparkling 20 Hold Ups
Fiore Sparkling 20 Hold UpsNude-Brown-Top

Ballerina Clemencia Hold Ups
Ballerina Clemencia Hold UpsBlack Black-Skin

Ballerina Thalia Backseamed Hold Ups
Ballerina Thalia Backseamed Hold UpsBlack Grey

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Passion Miriam Hold Ups
Passion Miriam Hold UpsNero

Cette Helsinki 60 Denier Opaque Hold Ups
Cette Helsinki 60 Denier Opaque Hold UpsBlack

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Ballerina Akilo Lace Top Hold Ups
Ballerina Akilo Lace Top Hold UpsSkin-Black-Top

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Passion Brooke Hold Ups
Passion Brooke Hold UpsNero

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Glamory Silky 60 Hold Ups
Glamory Silky 60 Hold UpsBlack

Girardi Chamonix 70 Hold Ups
Girardi Chamonix 70 Hold UpsNero Marine

Ballerina Genevieve Fishnet Lace Top Hold Ups
Ballerina Genevieve Fishnet Lace Top Hold UpsBlack-Granata

Verified Reviews:

Ballerina Luciana Lace Top Hold Ups
Ballerina Luciana Lace Top Hold UpsZaffiro

Verified Reviews:

Ballerina Idun Hold Ups
Ballerina Idun Hold UpsBlack-Red

Large hold ups are such an important part of our legwear collection and they are something we get asked for all the time. Having the world's largest choice of legwear means more than just every crazy pattern under the sun or an array of bright and bold colours. It means also having great legwear for every conceivable size and every shape, and also having legwear that's a pleasure to wear. Large hold ups are, of course, a part of that. Large hold ups that are both made for women with a fuller figure and for women who are taller are available here at UK Tights. We have made sure to find some larger hold ups designs from our most trusted friends and brands, making sure there is plenty of great quality fashion hold ups as well as everyday hold ups for you to chose from. Our new range of large hold ups has been put together so it's incredibly easy to find something that fits beautifully and looks fantastic, no matter what size you need. Our large hold ups range is like many of the others that we have, it's the most expansive and extensive of its kind anywhere on the internet. We have curated one of the largest collections of this type of plus size hosiery around and it really is the place you're always going to find something you absolutely love.

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