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Pure Lime Padded Athletic Bra
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Pure Lime is one of the most interesting brands of sportswear, activewear and athleisurewear in our range right now. Their appeal comes from more than just their fantastic array of products too. It's their philosophy of design that's really interesting to us. Pure Lime maintains a very simple but powerful four word mantra for designing activewear, and that is 'Feminine, Functional, Fashionable, Fit'. These four qualities are something that all their items possess, and if they don't, it's back to the drawing board. So do they live up to their high standards and give you all four of these undeniably important qualities? Yes, they do indeed! 'Feminine' is their first pledge, and whilst you might think of frilly lace bras when you hear that word, beauty and charming design comes in many shapes. The Pure Lime sports bras are practical items for sure, but with striking cuts and plenty of futuristic patterning, they have designed their range with the modern and fashionable woman in mind. Speaking of practical, their second design point is 'Functional' and this is where they excel.

The sporty cut of these items makes them ready for anything, from yoga and pilates, to hiking and running, to circuit and strength training. 'Fashionable' is always a difficult thing to pin down as it changes all the time, but Pure Lime's approach is truly great one. They go for designs that are simple, minimalist and futuristic, which has always been a great way to make your designs always in vogue. And of course, the all important 'Fit' is no issue for Pure Lime Activewear at all. They specialise in great fitting products, something all activewear and sportswear should have, but often doesn't. Pure Lime bras are amazingly good when it comes to the fit of their items, meaning you can do pretty much anything in these designs without worrying about discomfort or unwanted movement. Whether its long distance and gentle or short distance and high intensity, it'll stay where it should be. Running, boxing, yoga, gymnastics, dancing and anything else you can think of is right at your fingertips with Pure Lime. But fit is not just about being able to do your sport. You have to be able to do it without any discomfort too. Well Pure Lime not only sits securely where it should, but it also feels like you are hardly wearing anything at all.

Once you have an item on from Pure Lime, you might forget you're even wearing it after a while.

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