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Passion Miriam Hold Ups

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* 20 denier
* Lace top
* Exquisite pattern
* Sheer leg
* 82% Polyamide
* 18% Elastane
Passion Miriam is a stunning and exquisite design. It is rich and gorgeous and full of femininity with a rococo or baroque pattern that decorates the leg in a very bold way. Mostly these kinds of motifs are smaller around the ankle or the lace top, but here Passion have used the element of surprise to make something head turning by making it much larger and more impressive.

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Customer Reviews
Jan March 16, 2024
Rating: 4
This is a ridiculously gorgeous pair of hold-ups. If you need to give your confidence a boost, these will do the job nicely.
There are unfortunately two issues I have with these hold-ups.
The first is, that there does not seem to be a left stocking and a right one. This leads to the seam of the lace top of one of them being at the front, which isn't very nice looking IMHO.
The other issue is, that these have a slight problem staying up. The lace top is just that little bit wider, which you can not necessarily see from any of the pictures. Especially towards the end of the day this becomes more and more of an issue. I would therefore recommend to only buy these, when you have a slightly fuller figure.
That being said, the overall fit is very good and soft to the touch and like I said, wearing these will definitely give your confidence a boost, and therefore I can wholeheartedly recommend these.

Unfortunately mine came also broken, with a hole just below the lace top, which probably went unnoticed during QC. This obviously immediately lead to a ladder running down the complete leg. I will not return these however, since it is already some time ago I bought these, but it's something to keep in mind and immediately check for after receiving them, should you buy these.

Edit: after only having worn them only 2 or 3 times a second hole appeared spontaneously next to the original one. Effectively I can now throw these away, which is a pity. The quality does not seem to hold up with the price-tag. However, I also just might have been unlucky with the pair I got. No matter which way, I feel a bit sad about it, because this really is a gorgeous pair of hold-ups. I might consider buying them again, but considering the price point, I will not buy a new pair right away.

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