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Alexa Chung Loves A Tights And Shorts Combo

Alexa Chung Tights And Shorts

Alexa Chung’s tights are really making waves recently. She is something of a fashion luminary. One of the few women that can wear something and make it a trend from scratch. Unlike the rest of us, who can only get on a trend as early as possible. She is doing this again right now with her latest series of combos, tights and shorts. Let’s take a look at the fantastic combo, the Alexa Chung tights and shorts look.

Playsuit and tights

Playsuits Work Well Too

Ms Chung has worn shorts with her tights many times over the past few weeks. So naturally, other outlets have picked up on this and the effect is already starting to snowball. The Alexa Chung tights and shorts combo is just gorgeous, though. So there really is no guessing why it is becoming so popular. Here, she wears more of a playsuit with shorts than anything else, but the principle is the same. Her legs and leg wear are on show, but not with a skirt.

Alexa Chung Tights And Shorts

Alexa Chung Tights And Shorts Works With Vintage Too

These vintage shorts with an old school 30s chic go even better. We love this old school pulp comic look. With tweed and cords and other stuff that might feature in an explorer’s wardrobe from on old film. It is also one of the most timeless things you can wear too, with a classic old school cool. Below is a close up of her shorts. A sweatshirt and some slingbacks are a great combination too.

What Tights Work Well With This Look?

We recommend something from a classic designer to match the classic look. Falke is a good choice, now and always. Falke Pure Matt is a fantastic choice for this subtle sheer look. It is a matt tights design, so it is perfect for wearing if you don’t want a sheen. This is how you add a little extra subtlety to any outfit. Want to see more celebrity posts? Why not take a look at our celebrity page right here?


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