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Taylor Swift Shows Us The Potential Of Our Tights

Taylor Swift Tights

Taylor Swift has been known for her love of leg wear. She is seemingly never out of a pair of tights, weather permitting. And when it comes to stage outfits, of course she sports the most dramatic looks possible. Wouldn’t we all, if we had Taylor Swift’s incredible legs? Well, her Eras Tour has seen some of the most dramatic leg wear moments yet. And what is more, she is wearing her tights a little differently Let’s see what she has been wearing. And let’s see what she is doing differently too. After you apply these tips to your own leg wear, you’ll see why Tay Tay is iconic. And especially, why she is one of the best idols for leg wear lovers.

How Are Taylor Swift Tights Different?

Before we look at what Taylor Swift’s tights are, let’s take a look at how she wears them differently. This is a common trick with dancers and performers of all kinds. Basically, you layer two pairs of tights. Firstly, you wear a pair of glossy sheer tights, then a pair of fishnets over the top. The fishnets are often a skin tone, so they can blend in with your skin more easily. This means you are showing off your legs and not anything else.But of course you could wear black fishnets too. The point of the tights underneath your fishnets is to go unnoticed however. But what is the point in this layering? When you have a pair of tights that match your skin tone, they do a number of things. Let’s take a look.

Why Does Taylor Swift Wear Two Pairs Of Tights?

1) They Support You As You Dance

Wearing sheer tights keeps your legs more composed. So any highly athletic movements don’t look too unflattering. Twerking, for example, looks more toned and sexy. Of course, they aren’t as restrictive as a pair of control briefs or whatever. That means that they don’t really impinge on your movement. But they still hold everything together.

2) Stage Lights Wash You Out

When you are under powerful stage lights, you can look really washed out. This is especially true for Taylor Swift, who was such fair skin. She is going to look pallid without proper stage make up. This is a real worry for many performers. But whilst face makeup handles everything upstairs, you can’t easily cover your legs this way. Well, tights are make up for your legs. They give you the colour you want, and they don’t make you look like a ghost. And that brings us onto the final point.

3) They Just Look Great!

The added bonus of a pair of sheer tights is that they add a gloss effect to your legs. The same reasons you might wear tights off the stage is the same reason you would on the stage. Your legs can look incredible in a pair of glossy sheer tights, so why wast the opportunity. So you can beat the stage lights, hold everything in, and look incredible.

But What Will They Do For Me If I’m Not A Dancer?

You don’t need to be Tay Tay to wear Taylor Swift tights. All the same logic applies to the stage as it does off stage. Your legs can look incredible too. The flattering shaping effect you get from tights is great. And goes for whether they are shaping tights or not. The colour that is added to your skin may not need to beat stage lights. But it means no need to apply any fake tan. And of course, that gloss and sheen that we mentioned looks so good? Well, it will look good close up as well as from the distance of an arena seat. So wearing them day to day is just as encouraged.

What Kind Of Tights Is Taylor Swift Wearing?

Ms Swift is fond of a few looks, but a strong trend is emerging too. She seems to adore simple, sheer, and shiny tights. Ones that are able to show off your legs. In fact, not just show them off but enhance them too. We would recommend the Kunert Satin Look. These can basically be called “Taylor Swift tights” as they seem to have been designed with her in mind. They are sheer and lustrous, with a healthy glow. Then, for your nude coloured fishnets, we recommend the Jonathan Aston Fishnets. They are inexpensive and very high quality. Then again, matching a skin tone is hard, so here is a list of all our tan and nude fishnets so you can find something perfect.


  • Paul

    I agree Taylor Swift always is BEAUTIFUL.
    Taylor Swift is this Generation’s Fashion ICON!!!
    Everything Taylor wears looks BEAUTIFUL on Her, from Her Mini Skirts and Dresses to her Long Gown’s makes her Tall Lean Body and Her GORGEOUS Long Legs look STUNNING!!!!
    Her Beautiful Bodysuits, Gorgeous Boots paired with Sheer Tights with Fishnet Pantyhose has shown this Generation that wearing Hosiery can be SEXY and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Thank You Taylor Swift for being the FASHION ICON you are!!!!!!!

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