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Kunert Satin Look 20 Denier Tights

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* 23 denier
* Comfort gusset V and VI
* Soft shine
* Fitted heel
* Aloe Vera
* Shadow toe
* Cotton gusset
* 84% Polyamide
* 16% Elastane
Kunert are one of those brands that have stuck to their talents. Making great quality leg wear, leg wear that's the envy of other manufacturers. But they know that great quality comes by refining what they're doing well and sharpening their designs until they're the best they can be. So their core range isn't overly expansive, but each design is exceptional. It's no surprise then to learn that their Satin Look 20 denier sheer tights are one of their best sellers. The beautiful, satin gloss finish makes your legs look sensational. A comfortable, well made, well finished product that is also great value for money. Who could ask for more?

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Jackie Hall June 20, 2023
Rating: 5
First pair of these were bought in Germany in 2005. Being buying them from UK Tights since 2007 and will keep buying them as they are the best and only tights I wear. Nice shine and amazing feel.

Bob May 21, 2023
Rating: 5
Fit really well , feel fantastic and look great. The colours are good too. Will certainly buy some more.

Sam Hassall January 20, 2023
Rating: 2
Hi Kunert, I have been a huge fan of Satin Look 20 and have been wearing them for many years. I have noticed there has been a change in the design and manufacturing process recently. Please can they go back to how they were made before? I can see the quality is now much less and they are not as resistant to damage as they were. Looking forward to hearing from you. With thanks, Sam

Update: Another pair of Satin Look 20 have failed after just one wear! The fibres catch so much more easily than they did and now lead to runs. This product used to be so resistant to runs and now they are very poor. Also the waistband elastic is very poor quality in comparison to how they used to be. I am so very disappointed and will not be buying this product again until they return to the same quality they had before. Sam

V C May 23, 2022
Rating: 5
Beautiful to wear, look stunning on and the colour 'Hazel' to die for thank you.

Chris Matthews March 8, 2020
Rating: 5
Gorgeous tights with a lovely shine and love the Candy shade which is a classic mid tan. Very similar to Wolford Satin Touch 20 at HALF the price. Also comfy waistband and feel fab for workwear. Must try the other shades too.

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