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Paris Fashion Week 2024 Wrap Up

Paris Fashion Week - Red Tigths

Paris Fashion Week 2024 has just come and gone. And we are very excited to see what leg wear showed up at these amazing cat walk shows. In fact, a member of the UK Tights team even made a special trip to the City of Lights. We wanted to see what was in store for the fashion world for ourselves. Here is what was reported back to us.

Paris Fashion Week Hold Ups

What Tights Did We See At Paris Fashion Week 2024?

There was a lot to take in this year at Paris Fashion Week. An awful lot. There is rarely one or two central themes at something so big. Dozens of designers put out projects they haven’t shared with others. So there is a unique theme for every fashion house. Then you have thousands, tens of thousands, of ordinary people in the streets. They are attending the shows, walking the streets, and taking pictures of their own. And they all bring their own stylish look to the week too. Even just well dressed tourists who aren’t primarily there for the fashion shows bring their own thing to the place.

Red Tights

Red Tights Were Big In Paris This Year

A big part of Paris Fashion Week was the inclusion of red tights this year. This is a great option for those who want something simple and easy. Something you can include in your outfit easily, but something that still makes a splash. After all, it is easy to swap out tights that you are already wearing for ones that are bright red. If you are wearing tights day to day, that is. And if not, well you just found the easiest and most affordable way to jazz up your look.

Dior Has Some Tights Too

Dior had a number of cat walk shows, and tights seemed to star on them more often than not. The amazing quality of Dior designs has always impressed us, and this was no different. And we are not just saying that because they had tights on display. Kim Jones is the designer, and his uncle was a famous ballet dancer and photographer. He worked with and snapped some quite striking pictures of great ballet dancers, including Nureyev.

Kim Jones took inspiration from this and included pumps and tights in his collection. We have decided not to feature it too heavily here, as it was in fact a menswear collection. But nonetheless, it is one of the most stunning tights ranges from a big fashion house in a while. And that means it is going to inspire a flocking of people to the hosiery section of their favourite retailers. So stock up now and be stylish first, before everyone is wearing brightly coloured tights.

Tights Were The Star Of Street Fashion This Wear

We said that common trends and themes are not to be relied upon at big city-wide events like this. Well, that is true as a general rule. But there are a few currents and trends you can easily spot. Tights was one of them. You could see a strong undercurrent of leg wear on the streets this year. And it was a truly great thing to witness. Sheers were common, despite the still chilly weather. Semi-opaques are also a prominent thing to find. Especially as they are perfect for those mild days that aren’t really one thing or the other.

Paris Fashion Week 2024, The Most Leg Wear Packed Year Yet

This was one of the most leg wear heavy years in Paris Fashion Week history. We are very glad for it. Red tights stole the show. Semi opaque tights followed soon after. And even the biggest names got involved in great hosiery. It was truly gratifying to see our favourite item of clothing looking so great. All images are credited to Fashionista and their coverage of Paris Fashion Week 2024. If you want to find some gorgeous tights of your own, to match the ones you have seen here, we have your legs covered.

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