It’s International Women’s Day!

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is one of the newest big days on our calendar. But it is one of our favourite days of the year too. It is a celebration of women and girls everywhere. And not just them, but everything they have achieved and what they stand for. It is the world’s best day to commemorate all the great women in our lives.

What Is International Women’s Day?

Women are over half of the world’s total population. They may very well be the single biggest group of people, of any kind. Bigger than any racial group, any ethnicity, or any religion. And so their issues and their representation are as global and widespread as any issue can be. So this day is the perfect time to support philanthropic efforts that help women and young girls.

And there are so many good ones out there too. Some of them are educational efforts in the Third World. Others are charities designed to help young girls get clean drinking water in the world’s most impoverished regions. And still more are about helping set up businesses for young female entrepreneurs. There are as many worthy causes as there are women and girls to benefit from them.

How Is UK Tights Celebrating This Great Day?

But International Women’s Day isn’t just a time to help charities and efforts that support women. It is as much a celebration of femininity as it is a joint effort to support it. We are doing a celebration of our own at UK Tights too. For one day only, we have a site wide sale.

For today only, get 15% off everything across our entire site. Go to your favourite leg wear and lingerie items and add them to your basket. Then, use the code WOMAN at the checkout. Click here to get started on your shopping and celebrate your own femininity with some gorgeous new leg wear.

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