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are one of, if not the most, recognisable and iconic forms of leg wear out there. Sure, the stockings and suspenders combo is more noticeable, but nothing is quite as popular as or better loved than the convenience and versatility of tights.

This is why some designers concentrate all their efforts on tights alone, leaving more complex and fiddly items like suspender clips, to specialised designers. The popularity and convenience of tights has allowed designers to develop a few good base items and then add patterns on top, for a range of fashion tights that are simply unbeatable.

This is how both printed tights and patterned tights are made, by developing one core item and then building on top of it again and again with something new. The power and flexibility that this gives a designer means a countless and unlimited number of beautiful possibilities that a fashionista or clothing lover will adore. But it's only one way of making gorgeous tights.

Some designers will use a blend of materials to give their designs depth, rather than just adding colour to the very top layer of the item. The result is something much more in depth and alive looking, like Oroblu Couture, tights that use lurex subtly but vitally to bring shine and shimmer to their collection.

But not all tights are made for colour or for a glossy effect though. Many designers specialise in timelessness and classic looks with their work, like Wolford. This designer is the epitome of beautiful and expertly designed leg wear. Their sheer tights are the very essence of elegance and their seasonal collection are the benchmark of high fashion. Their opaque tights are warm and soft and perfect for staying warm without having to resort to bulky and inelegant thermals. If you want to try the world's best tights, there are very few that come close to Wolford and their essential range, whether it be sheer or opaque.

There are plenty other types of tights out there though, beyond just printed fashion tights and timeless sheers. Designers and fashion houses have created a plethora of different and wonderful novelties. Backseams, flocked fabrics, woven patterns, geometric marvels and a world of colours. There is so much variety in the world of tights and other hosiery and for anyone who loves fashion will find tights are the perfect choice for revolutionising your outfits.


Stockings are easily the most moticeable, beautiful and iconic items in the world of fashion. They're synonymous with opulence and stunning beauty. Stockings will forever be associated with a time when bringing ornate legwear into your outfit was the first thing a lady would do to jazz up her look.

Stockings began centuries ago, but really started to take off in teh late 1800s. Stockings were used because of their simplicity and ease. It was easy to create a pair of stockings as they were simple in their design. A slender length of folded material in the form of a cylinder is something that could be made easily be any seamstress or tailor, but when machines started to be used to create garments, that's when this simple process became a quick one too. There was a sudden explosion in the popularity of stockings and with such demand came the desire to create new and innovative designs and improvements.

Stockings have since inspired the creation of other forms of legwear like lace top stockings, stay ups and even modern tights, but they have stayed very much the same throughout this time themselves. It's because of their classic appeal that this garment has remained the way it has for so very long, whilst so many other items from a century or more ago have gone out of fashion. One key feature of great stockings design that captures this classic element is the backseam. Backseam stockings are so very popular and one of the items that everyone identifies with sexy and seductive outfits. There are three designers today that keep this tradition alive and well and they stay faitful to the careful, hand-crafted work ethic that made backseam stockings so popular in the past.

Gio, a small designer that only produces a handful of items, enough that you can count them on one hand. This small and select range is exactly what makes Gio such a respected brand, concentrating on improving what they have to offer rather than bringing a glut of new designs to the table. Another famous and fantastic name in the world of stockings is Cervin. This Parisian brand tries to bring only the classical designs such as pure silk stockings and ornate lace to the table. If you're looking for timeless designs, this is the designer for you. And finally, Fogal, the finest leg wear in the world. They make items that are unbeatable in quality and designed beuatifully. They've made stockings since the 1890s and they only get better each year. If you want the benefit of several lifetimes of experience and want to try the world's finest stockings, try Fogal now.

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  • I really would just like to say thank you so much for your incredibly swift response to my order and for such great customer service. My glorious Wolford tights arrived in Sydney today. I'm hugely impressed with your swift and courteous service, thank you so much. I'm wearing them out tonight. Best wishes, and no doubt I'll be ordering from you again soon.
  • I have just received my tights and wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU FOR SUCH AMAZING SERVICE!!! Will definitely be using you again..... and again...... and again!! Well done on being so efficient and prompt!
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  • I wanted to contact you and compliment you on your service. I'm new to Tights UK but have placed two orders recently both of which arrived quickly and are great tights. People are very quick to contact companies to have a moan but rarely to congratulate. Great hosiery and great service - thank you!
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  • I am always impressed by the service you offer. Excellent quality hosiery, amazing choice, super fast delivery; but I feel I have to make a special effort to say thank you this time. I only ordered my tights late yesterday afternoon and they arrived today! I can wear my wolford hold ups tomorrow and have gorgeous leggies! I can't believe your fast turnaround. I only wish other companies valued customer service as much as you obviously do.
  • Since I live in Canada I thought the shipping would take at least a week (it's international shipping after all), but it actually took only 4 days, which is even shorter than how long it took an US-based company to ship their products! For comparison, I placed an order on both Tights UK and the aforementioned US-based company and three days after you shipped my order I'm still waiting for my other order of tights to ship. I don't know what you guys did to enable such speedy delivery, but keep up the good work!
    Definitely will buy more hosiery from UK tights in the future! The quality of the pantyhose I bought are also top-notch btw, but I'm definitely more impressed with the shipping speed haha :D

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