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Emilio Cavallini Makes Its Debut At UK Tights

Emilio Cavallini

Emilio Cavallini is one of the best names in leg wear, whether it is fashion tights or timeless essentials. Just a few days ago, this Italian fashion designer sent its items to our warehouse. And in no time at all, they were alive on our site. Already, people are going wild for the Emilio Cavallini tights. They are wildly popular, and we knew they would be. So who exactly is the designer Emilio Cavallini and what are they best at? Well, lets take a look at their stunning range and find out.

Who Is Emilio Cavallini?

Emilio Cavallini is one of Italy’s best known fashion designers for leg wear. The design house was founded in 1970 in San Salvatore Monferrato, Piedmont, in North West Italy. For over half a century, this boutique fashion house has produced amazing leg wear. And always from the same town they started in. They are still there now, making their amazing designs and pushing the boundaries forward on leg wear fashion. Italian tights have always been a boutique thing. In fact, most Italian fashion is a boutique thing. So the Emilio Cavallini ranges are small and carefully produced. But they are stellar in quality. So what is it they specialise in exactly? Let’s take a quick look at some of the stuff they have in store for us.

Emilio Cavallini Pointy Tights

The Emilio Cavallini Range

Take a look at the picture above. It is the Emilio Cavallini Pointy Tights. Is this not one of the most striking tights designs of the season? The simple black on black chevrons are powerful, albeit very straightforward shapes. They are two simple shapes, with a zig and then a zag. And yet, they form a powerful and striking image that just pops. These tights jump off the fabric at you and grab your attention like no other. This is the kind of range that they provide, one that just turns heads. You can click on the image to see the product too, if you are interesting in having a pair yourself.

Where To Find Their Designs?

In the only place to find great tights online, UK Tights. Here is the link to our Emilio Cavallini section. There, you can find all of these amazing tights and anklets and other hosiery that they make. They are stunning designs, and they are made amazingly well too. We has been looking to supply this colossus of the Italian hosiery scene to UK customers for some time. Now, we are pleased to say that we will be bringing their designs to a new audience. And we are very much looking forward to it.

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