A Red Bodysuit for Valentine’s day? Yes!

Valentine’s day 2019 is getting closer and closer and we couldn’t be more excited about this year’s celebrations. We are huge fans of the 14th of February, as it’s a day for couples to get together and celebrate love. It sounds cheesy, we know, but there’s something special about Saint Valentine’s day that makes us glow. This season we want to encourage you to dress pretty (inside and outside). We have talked about Valentine’s day underwear in the past, but we have decided to write a few lines about one of our favourite styles to rock on Valentine’s day 2019: the red bodysuit!

Why is a Red Bodysuit a good idea for Valentine’s day?

Lepel London Charlie Body
We love the look of this Lepel red bodysuit!

Why is a red bodysuit a good idea for Valentine’s day? And why not? We really love the look of bodysuits. It’s not only us. Dozens of celebrities have been spotted wearing lace bodysuits. Plus we have already discussed the pros and cons of wearing underwired bodysuits like the one above these lines.

Is there a better occasion than Valentine’s day to wear red lingerie?

Maison Lejaby Floral red bodysuit
The Maison Lejaby Dot Flowers bodysuit is even prettier on the back!

Red is the colour for Valentine’s day. We always encourage people to wear red all year round, as it’s a very flattering colour. Red lingerie somehow makes you look sexier and more confident. It suits all skin tones, too.

While many people love wearing black bodysuits under their clothes or as part of an outfit, with some trousers or a skirt, not many people would dare to step out in a red bodysuit. Would you?

Red lace bodysuits aren’t your only option…

Wolford three quarter sleeve Red Bodysuit
This Wolford bodysuit is just ideal for Valentine’s day!

A lace bodysuit isn’t the only option. Many women don’t like wearing lace, embroideries or tulle fabrics. Hey! That’s totally fine with us! There aren’t some unbreakable rules about what lingerie a woman has to wear. At the end of the day, you should wear something you are comfortable wearing. Nothing says sexier than self-confidence!

Finally, if you aren’t convinced about wearing a red bodysuit on Valentine’s day, you should know that all these three bodysuits are also available in black and other colours, so don’t forget to check out our amazing bodysuits range.

If, on the contrary, you prefer a more traditional red lingerie set, pay a visit to our website. Our stunning Valentine’s lingerie styles will leave you speechless.

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