What tights do people wear in February?

With the latest snows, some of you must be wearing thick hosiery non-stop. Some of you tell us you’ve been wearing two pairs of tights or socks over your tights. Many of you have asked for advice on the best cosy tights for winter. If you want to find out what types of tights do people wear in February, keep reading!

Cute Valentine’s day-inspired tights to welcome February

Valentine's day inspired tights

Do you usually wear tights with little hearts and arrow on Valentine’s day? We do! At UK Tights, we love the latest Valentine’s hosiery collection from Giulia, which is selling out fast. We know heart printed tights are a little cheesy, but, let’s be honest, the whole festivity is kind of cheesy. If you go for a suspender style, like the Giulia Pari Love 60 Fashion Tights in the picture above, you are also getting yourself a pair you can wear any regular day, paired with a longer skirt or dress.

What winter warmers are ideal to wear in February?

We currently are in the right in the middle of winter, so it’s fair to say that investing in a good pair of thick cosy tights is a good idea. After all, tights aren’t a must-wear in February, easy to combine with your boots, wallies or trainers.

Yes, trainers! Many people wear cosy tights under jeans and shorts and they look amazing when paired with right pair of trainers. Also, had you forgotten trainers and skirts/dresses are a huge trend at the moment?

Fleece tights are a February must-have

Thermal tights are a very great style for February or any other month of Winter, but, we have to admit we have ‘a thing’ for fleece tights. The Le Bourget Mont Blanc style, in the picture above, is an amazing pair. So smooth and soft to touch, outside. And, especially, inside! They are the true definition of Hygge.

Cotton and wool tights, better with cashmere

We have dozens of cotton tights, wool tight and a third type of cosy tights for winter, mixture of several fabrics. At UK Tights, we love the feel of cashmere tights. This is the reason why we always recommend them.

While the Fogal tights above are a great pair to wear in February, there is an absolute winning product in the Fogal collection: the Fogal Cashmere & Silk Opaque Tights. These are the best cashmere tights in the market. Being 65% Cashmere and 25% Silk, you can probably guess they are a premium hosiery style.

We always say that the larger the percentage of cashmere, the merrier. However, this directly increases the price of the product. Wolford Cashmere Silk Tights are also a good cath!

You can also wear amazing patterned legwear in February

Thick patterned tights by Cecilia de Rafael
Amazing reversible tights: Cecilia de Rafael Victoria Tights

You can, of course, keep wearing your lovely fashion tights even when it’s cold. We encourage you to go for opaque patterned tights, rather than sheer ones. Your legs and toes will thank you for doing so. The Cecilia de Rafael’s latest fashion collection is ideal to wear when it’s cold. Most of these styles, including the one above, are also reversible, so can colour-contrast your fashion tights and your outfit as you want.

What if I like to wear sheer tights in February?

Hey! You are totally free to wear sheer tights in February, but, guess what, you’ll probably feel cold. Unless you are based in Australia or somewhere where it’s sunny and warm at the moment, of course. If you are after a pair of tights that look like sheer tights (but that is actually thicker), maybe try the Wolford Neon 40 Denier Tights.

So, tell us. What of these styles are you going to try first?


  • Randall Pierce

    I myself love all legwear now the CDR one’s above has my name all over them. I would wear those for sure they look fantastic and know they would look great on and are fashionable yet stylish.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Randall,
      These Cecilia de Rafael tights are absolutely gorgeous! Really glossy, too! CdR Galaxy Tights, a style with little stars, are the cutest, too. Thanks for your comment.
      UK Tights team

  • I'm male

    I work outside what ever the weather, come rain or shine even in the snow. Come the winter months l’ve tried long johns and find them too bulky, I’ve even tried mens tights and find them uncomfortable too wear all day. So I took the plunge and opted too try women’s tights, I must say if you get the sizing right they fit like a second skin. I now own various pairs ranging from 100 denier up to 500, the 500 ones are for extreme cold weather. They all keep my legs and feet warm(I wear socks over the top) I wouldn’t be without them this time of year. U.K. Tights thanks for your blogs and advice in them.

    • UK Tights

      Wow! 500 denier! We’ve never come across such high deniers. We bet those tights are absolutely cosy for winter. We are glad you found our article helpful. We are always happy to share our knowledge.
      Thanks for your comment.
      UK Tights team

  • jan Gay TV

    I never go above 40 denier in winter under my work suit. 60 denier with skirts on a weekend.

    For Valentine’s though it has to be stockings and suspenders with sexy lingerie under my hot red dress. drives my hubby wild!!

    • UK Tights

      If you are wearing tights under your work suit, 40 seems more than enough, yes. It must feel more comfortable than thicker hosiery.
      As for Valentine’s, it’s a personal thing (or a couples thing, in this case). With so much to choose from, there’s always something for everyone.
      UK Tights team

  • p

    Being a male who wears tights all the time I’m not to worried about what type of tights I wear.
    I started wearing them when I was about 14/15 after buying some for a school mates sisters birthday
    & kept a pair for myself to see what it was like to wear them & found that I liked wearing them so I started wearing them on a Saturday & Sunday under my trousers & socks.

    I’m now 62 & I now wear them every day under my trousers without any socks.

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