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Five Reasons to Love the Golden Lady Hosiery Brand

Have you ever worn Golden Lady hosiery? Many of our customers always tell us how much they love Golden Lady. We have received hundreds of calls over the years asking for a Next-day delivery of their favourite Golden Lady tights, as they had run out of them and they were essential for their every day. You surely have been there, too. You try to grab a new pair of tights and… Disaster! There’s nothing that suits. Golden Lady hosiery has always been a favourite brand of hosiery fans in the UK!

What do you know about Golden Lady?

Golden Lady Hosiery Brand image

Golden Lady is more than the brand of hosiery you’ve heard of and may (or not) have tried in the past. The Golden Lady Company is the group behind a larger range of brands, such as our also beloved Philippe Matignon, OMSA, Filodoro and Sisi. If you are in the US, you may have heard of No Nonsense or HUE tights. Yes, they are also Golden Lady’s. We, at UK Tights, stock Golden Lady and Philippe Matignon.

So, what you’re missing out if you are not wearing Golden Lady hosiery? Why is it that we love Golden Lady tights and socks so much?

1. Golden Lady hosiery brand is an innovative family company

Ethical and social responsibility isn’t always the usual in the fashion industry, unfortunately. However, Golden Lady does care for what they do and the way things are done. So, they manufacture in Italy, the United States and Serbia. They try their best to be environmentally and socially sustainable while caring for their employees.

The Golden Lady Company is a market leader, but it has been “in the family” since Italian Nerino Grassi and his wife Erminia founded the firm in 1967. These days they invest in research to develop new styles and constantly improve their hosiery essentials. And these essential styles are precisely what makes Golden Lady hosiery so popular.

2. Golden Lady hosiery offers amazing quality at a great price

These Golden Lady Semi-Opaque Tights are superb!

Golden Lady tights, footsies, ankle and knee highs offer amazing quality, way over their price. They can only be compared to hosiery of superior quality. A good fitting is everything in hosiery, as you all know. Well, Golden Lady’s fitting is simply superb. That would explain the next point, of course.

3. Some of our best-selling tights are made by Golden Lady

Did you know two of our 5 best-selling tights are Golden Lady? Affordable plus-size tights Golden Lady Mara are our absolute best-selling tights. Some of our customers have been buying them for years and they won’t take any other item. That’s how good these are for their price! As for the Golden Lady Elegance Sheer Tights, they were our 5th most-sold product in 2018.

Not only their tights are amazing. Golden Lady footsies are really popular, too, especially around Summer time.

4. And they were the first ones to care for the larger sizes

Golden Lady Plus Size Sheer Tights

Golden Lady was one of the first companies to care for the larger sizes. They have been doing Plus Size tights for many years now.

The Mara tights we just mention is the perfect example of an inexpensive product designed for the larger sizes.

These tights on the left are the Golden Lady Curvy 20 Denier Tights, also really popular among curvy people.

There’s a 50 denier opaque version of these tights, too. We have only stocked these opaque tights for a few months, but customers say they are brilliant!

5. Golden Lady Seamfree Tights are pure perfection

Golden Lady Seamfree Sheer Tights
Golden Lady has amazing seamless tights!

You wouldn’t believe the number of times we have been reached only to give us positive feedback on Golden Lady seam-free tights! These two seamless tights are everyone’s favourites:

  • Golden Lady Feel Nude Sheer Seamless Tights: These 15 denier tights are a serious competitor to Wolford’s Fatal seamless. What else do we have to say to make you try these? Well, maybe when you see the price difference you’ll understand why everyone seems to go crazy for these little tights.
  • Golden Lady My Beauty Tights: Now rebranded as Liberte Absolute. These are the tights Miley Cyrus promoted. They are really smooth and super comfortable. Once more, the price is unbeatable here!

Have we made you re-think about these products? Are you also thinking that you need these in your hosiery drawer? Head out to our site and grab a few pairs!


  • Randall Pierce

    Great article very informative much I didn’t know about Golden Lady among one was are a group of larger range of brands.

    • UK Tights

      Dear Randall,
      Thanks for your positive feedback. Even us were surprised when we started the research for this article. We didn’t know they were such a large company! We’re glad you find it informative.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Leah

    Golden Lady seamless tights are indeed lovely, although a more suntan shade would be welcome. How they make these at this price point calls into question other brands pricing policy. It’s also less heartache if they reach end of life prematurely.

    • UK Tights

      Golden Seamless Tights are amazing. As they don’t manufacture in many options (only 2 options: S/M and M/L; in two colourways), they have more margin than other brands. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t fit a larger or really tall person or someone with very fair or darker skin tones. You cannot have it all, but we think they do quite well. Thanks for your comment.
      UK Tights team

  • Hans

    Yes indeed, Golden lady, is a good brand. Especially because it’s very reasonably priced. The wonderful seamless 15D tights costs only something like 8 euro. The seamless tights of Le Bourget (Héritage luxe sans couture 20D) is better but costs around 25 euro. A very good seamless pantyhose for 8 euro… Do not hesitate, buy them! Thanks to the UK Tights team for the useful information of this blog.

    • UK Tights

      Dear Hans,
      Thanks for your good feedback. We do have some other seamless tights for all kind of budgets, but we believed Golden Lady seamless tights were worthy of a special mention. We are glad you find our post useful.
      UK Tights team

    • UK Tights

      Great combination, right? If you love bodysuits, maybe check out the amazing bodysuits our sister site UK Lingerie stocks: Wolford, Pierre Mantoux, Le Bourget, Oroblu, Bluebella, Spanx, Ambra, Charnos… so many brands!
      UK Tights team

  • Anonymous

    Will have to try these tights especially the 15 denier seamless. Love the idea of the comfort waistband

    Jan (CD)

    • UK Tights

      Many brands are releasing tights with comfort waistband. Heist is selling it like something new, but, to be fair, many brands have been doing it for years 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!
      UK Tights team

  • John

    Hi. I do not know what all the fuss is about men wearing women,s tights, stockings/suspender belts I have been wearing them on a daily basis for quite a while now especially with a some nice panties to go with them, and no one seems to bat an eyelid anymore, except my girlfriend who says that I get more whistles than she does. I wear the thinner ones in summer, thicker ones in winter.

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