A New Brand Has Arrived, Playful Promises!

Playful Promises Lollipop Red Seamed StockingsUK Tights is always looking for new and exciting brands. And we are always very gratified to find something we love and a range we can sink our teeth into. That is what we have seen in so many of our designers, and now there is one more we are adding to our list of exciting designers, Playful Promises. The name itself tells you much that it is about sexiness, femininity, and it holds something special in its hands. Let’s take a peek at what they have to offer and see what this designer is all about.

Playful Promises are a newer name on the lingerie and leg wear scene. They are a British-based designer with a small team full of passion. Something that makes them a designer with every bit as good an offering as a more established and senior designer. This is the source of Playful Promises’ power; they have passion and drive to make something spectacular.

Playful Promises Merlot Seamed Stockings Merlot

What Is So Great About The Playful Promises Range?

So what about their range itself? Well, first, let’s take a look at their lingerie. These are some genuinely gorgeous items that are sexy and stunning and have heaps of femininity about them. They love to make that unique and specific kind of vintage lingerie that we adore and is always in style. Playful Promises have done work with sex symbols like Dita von Teese to produce that iconic style of lingerie that was so popular from the 1920s to the 1950s and is still in style today. It is always a great choice with a nostalgic beauty that Playful Promises Lingerie perfectly captures.

Quetzal Green Seamed Stockings

These Guys Love The Classics

Then comes their equally stylish leg wear. They follow a similar design ethos with the Interwar Period providing the first and most refined source of inspiration for their stockings. Of course, it is stockings that come first, not any of your new-fangled tights or hold-ups. Playful Promises certainly don’t mind those types of leg wear. They are dedicated to one thing and one thing alone, as any good designer should be. That is that they are committed to capturing the halcyon days of fashion when leg wear was at its most striking and decorative.

Playful Promises Acid Lime Seamed Stockings

If you are a lover of vintage stockings with backseams and plain tops, or you want a burlesque or vaudevillian style that might be as popular on a stage as they are in your bedroom, then Playful Promises are the designer for you.


  • UK Tights Customer

    I just placed my first Playful Promises order. I love all the different colors and I know I’ll have to add another hosiery drawer soon. (Thanks to UK Tights) I believe that is a very good problem to have! I’m going to start planing my next order.

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