The Corset – Valentines Day, The Conclusion

Today’s the day we talk about our mystery item! The very special item for the perfect Valentines Day gift! In our last post, we asked what could sum up “sexy” better than stockings. The corset! It’s traditional, beautiful and sophisticated. It’s the epitome of “sexy” and the perfect luxury gift.

But which corset is the right one for you? Which one is the best Valentines Day gift? Well, to help you get the very best gift possible for this Monday (yes, it’s this Monday!). Today, we’re going to guide you through the process of finding the perfect gift and we’ll review our three best corset designs!



Laurie is a gorgeous design that compliments every curve. The colour is sumptuous and rich. Pink is a very versatile colour. It can be cute. It can be loud. And when you combine it with a beautiful corset, it can be the perfect Valentines Day gift. But even with a versatile colour, you have to think about preference.

If this corset is a gift, what colours do they normally wear? Is pink something they identify with? If pink is a favourite of theirs, or if they wear any rich colours, Laurie is a match made in heaven!

If they prefer darker, deeper or more subtle looks, perhaps this will be better…


Leg Avenue

  Black often competes for the spot of best colour for sexy underwear. Black is the colour of sophistication and style. Black is never anything less than elegant. In the last few posts, we’ve talked about getting meaningful gifts.

So how do you find meaning in clothes? Find the clothing that suits their personality. The pink corset we mentioned above is perfect for the outgoing, but black is ideal for the subtle and sophisticated. If your gift is for a charming and enchanting dark horse, we advise simple and black.


Leg Avenue Jesse Underwired Boned

Jesse is mind blowing. Leg Avenue have still included the sophisticated and stylish black, but the red is what pulls this design together. The red gives the corset its passion!

The colours are used very cleverly here. Only the cups and the centre of the torso are red. It draws the eye to the most important places. This is perfect for creating a defined, slimmer waist line. It takes the effect of a corset and doubles it!

What really impresses us is its complexity. The other designs are simple and elegant. This one throws caution to the wind. It’s all sound and fury! It’s all wealth, extravagance and excess! The net trim frames the bust beautifully. The satin bow draws the gaze straight to the breastbone. And the Polka dots gives this corset a mesmerising and regal Alice in Wonderland look. A gift fit for the Red Queen!

Jesse smoulders with beauty, and we think she’ll be the perfect gift this Valentines Day!

But Take Haste!

Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to show how much you care. But your chance is time-sensitive. It’s only here once a year. If a thoughtful gift and a gasp is what you’re looking for, choose only luxury, sophistication and breath-taking beauty! For more gorgeous corsets and basques, check out our sister site UK Lingerie, including seductive Leg Avenue lingerie, Dreamgirl, Kiss Me Deadly, Dominique and more!

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