Pastels And Berries, An Unlikely Friendship

Colours are a huge part of the fashion experience and something we love to explore here at UK Tights. Coloured tights are some of the absolute best in the world of legwear for adding depth and beauty to any outfit They are the easiest way to bring something new to your wardrobe. But the perennial question is always the same. What colours should I get?

Here are a few tips on how to choose a few shades this winter that might make combining your outfits easier. We could give you a list of great winter colours and festive favourites. But we have one particular tip in mind that is a bit more original. Pastels and berry shades combined.

Combining pastel shades and berry colours are often seen as clashing, but it really doesn’t have to be. If you pair them together with a careful eye, then you can find something amazing to wear that is very original.

For Spring 2020 pastel shades were all over the catwalks and this included hosiery too. Designers were mixing floral midi skirts in berry shades and contrasting with lilac or pale yellow tights. Tights can help to extend your summer wardrobe into autumn by teaming short skirts and dresses.

But this works for winter wardrobes too. You can get much more mileage out of the same outfits by using the above strategy too. Ever seen warm winter tights in a mulberry red paired with a cream or ivory jumper for Christmas? This is the same tactic!

Try a pair of burnished orange or rich tangerine pair of tights with something much lighter like a cornflower blue, and you will have warmth and subtlety in the same package. Not a berry shade technically. But a dark orange is as rich as any raspberry or pomegranate red, and the combination works just as well.

Or how about a pair of plum tights and a baby blue or baby pink dress for a very feminine outfit that contrasts but never clashes? This is a great way to get a combination of the richest coloured tights that we have ever seen with something more light and refreshing – an exciting combo.

This is a method you can use to make a whole new wardrobe out of your existing outfits and accessories. And trust me it’s one of the most creative things you can do in the world of fashion. Be careful with this method, though. You have to pair something rich with something light and pastel enough that the two are not competing for attention too much. If you execute this with a little extra care and some pairing skill, then you will have some of the most captivating and original outfits of the season.



    When it comes to colored tights I wear them all dare me to wear a color great I will wear it. Colors like any bright neon color others like Cyclame, Burnished Orange, Tangerine, Plum, Pink, Neon colors. Colors are a fantastic fashion look only thing I prefer is at least a 10% spandex content for a great fit and feel.

  • ribbedtights

    I was thinking about this the other day … honestly!!! There’s nothing wrong with sheer tan tights or even opaque black tights, but they’re not very interesting! Yes, I have a drawer full of these tights, but for a special occasion, I ALWAYS turn to coloured tights. But which colour??

    Chocolate brown has always been and always will be my favourite. But more recently, I’m liking opaque (and sheer) grey tights. Then I saw the lilac tights in your article … WOW!! I adore that colour! And now, the more pastel colours I think of, the more I want them!! Look at what you have started!

    Then you show us picture of pink tights and orange tights … I think I’m falling for bright colours as well!!

    And finally, the plum tights from your article … hmmm … maybe earthy plums and red are my favourite??

    And we haven’t even mentioned green tights (bottle green tights may be a little school time, but I like that colour!)!!

    Might need to visit UK Tights for a Christmas shop!! Thank you … great article!

  • Ian Scott

    I love colours and pastel shades. Nice to ditch the traditional black opaque tights and show off my pins in bright colours on grey winter days.

    Vibrant blues, orange and yellows brighten up any grey day. I love cool pastel pale shades too on crisp clear winter days. Very pale blue and pale greys are my favs.

    Bobbie CD

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