A One Day Sale On The First Day Of Autumn

Today is the first day of Autumn and the official start of the new fashion season. It’s a fantastic time of year when people really start to look at designers Autumn/Winter collections and pick out a few items for their own wardrobes.

sale-sign banner

Well, we’ve got something here for you that’ll help you find some beautiful legwear to go with all your new fashion items. For today and today only, we are having a sale off absolutely everything. Use the code AUTUMN at the checkout and you’ll get 10% off anything you’d like from any of our ranges.

Why anything, you ask? Well, UK Tights ships all over the world and in nations South of the Equator, autumn is warmer than spring. UK Tights insists on making sure every customer has something they love and that’s suitable for them. It also means you can throw a few pairs of your everyday tights into your basket along with any stylish items you might have your eye on.

Remember, we aren’t holding this sale for very long at all. It’ll be running from exactly midnight on Saturday until midnight on Sunday, so right now is the perfect time for you to start looking for some amazing tights that you really love. Click here and find something beautiful now.

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