Get 10% Off For International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day, the day when the world takes a moment to celebrate the incredible achievements of women everywhere. Whether it be in the past such as laying the foundations for equality, to something in our own time like last year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Alice Munro and her brilliant short stories.

This day celebrates all women and their struggles, whether personal or global. It’s a wonderful day to be involved in and something that we at UK Tights are proud to join in the celebration.

We’d like to commemorate the passage of this day with a small gift for all of you, our loyal customers. For today only, up until midnight, you can get 10% off any orders you place with us in our sale. All you have to do is type the code WOMEN into the checkout where it asks you for a discount code and our sale price will automatically apply.

You can use this code on multiple orders, so if you spot something later on today that you missed out on, worry not. Click here to get started and find something as beautiful as you are, sister!

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