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Best statement tights to upgrade a boring look

Tired of wearing black opaque tights winter after winter, with little to no variation? Let’s change this, shall we? We have some of the best pairs of statement tights to upgrade a boring look ready to buy now at UK Tights.

What exactly are statement tights?

‘Statement tights’ means tights to make a statement. This is, tights you can use as a way to inject in your wardrobe your own personality and creativity. When you wear statement tights, you look different from the norm. You look like yourself!

Interview magazine fashion feature polka dot tights

Statement tights: Birgit Kos wears Oroblu Cloe Tights by UK Tights for Interview magazine September 2019 issue. Stylist: Victoria Sekrier. Photographer Lukas Wassmann.

Does my wardrobe need upgrading?

We know you sometimes have to wear a uniform or minimal smart clothes for the office and you have little freedom to choose what to wear. However, sometimes we choose to wear a boring outfit only because it’s the easy option, not because it’s the right style for us.

Your wardrobe needs a facelift when you feel like you wore the same clothes day after day. Do look at your clothes and all you can see is that, just like Marie Kondo says, these don’t spark joy? A few pairs of statement fashion tights can be your solution to bring back the joy and take you away from the boring plain hosiery you’ve been wearing.

Five of the best statement tights, ready to buy

Don’t hear us wrong; there’s nothing wrong with a pair of black opaques or nude sheers, but you deserve to wear something that says ‘this is me’; ‘this is who I am’. Starting for one of these amazing statement tights.

Oroblu Graphic Puzzle Tights

Geometric prints are right on the spot these days. A chic geometric print like a diamond can drive attention without feeling like it’s too much. Wear these with a boring outfit to instantly upgrade your look. The 20 denier Oroblu Graphic Puzzle Tights can be a sophisticated and stylish alternative to plain sheer tights. Also available in a light tanned tone called ‘Sun’, ideal for the warmer weather.

Oroblu Adelle Tights

Elegant polka dot statement tights
Available in four colourways, these polka dot tights never cease to amaze us

You cannot get it wrong with a pair of polka dot tights, especially if you choose the mighty Oroblu Adelle polka dot tights. Not only tights with tiny polka dots look good with literally any outfit you wear, but also make you look effortlessly fashionable. These are a total win for an office look, but also for a shopping day, a meal with friends or a date out.

  • Another similar style we love is the Fogal Pois Tights, on the higher budget, but simply stunning!

Trasparenze Saffo Tights

What do we love the most about the Trasparenze Saffo Tights, you ask? For a start, the contrast between sheer and opaque panels. It’s so cool! Then, the interesting herringbone pattern in the opaque panels (click on the image or the link above for a close look at these). Finally, the overall look of these fashion tights, which make your legs look longer. We can’t have enough of this leg style!

Gabriella Caty Tights

Gabriella animal printed tights
These Gabriella animal print tights are available in black or nude/black

In a recent post, we discussed how leopard and other animal prints are huge this season. You can read our post on the rise of the animal printed tights here. If you dare to wear this trend, you should know that we now have a wide range of leopard print tights, from these subtle Gipsy mesh tights to the majestic Wolford Leo tights.

Oroblu Flower Eden Rose Tights

Oroblu Lace Rose Tights in black
These Oroblu lace tights are so beautiful!

Lace tights are a classic statement tights style. These Oroblu lace tights in the picture above are quite a timeless and classical style, but you can find some funkier lace tights as well, with fishnet panels and, even crocheted panels. On the contrary, we have lurex lace tights, just like our Aristoc Autumn Fashion tights, for a more festive look. As you know, lace tights have been very popular in the last seasons. However, looking at the catwalks, it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. They’ll stay on-trend for a few more seasons.

A few more statement tights we love:

Before we leave, we wanted to include in this post a few more amazing statement fashion tights that deserve an honourable mention:

What’s your favourite pair of tights? We dare you to ditch your boring everyday tights days and say goodbye to boring outfits once and for all. Who’s with us?


  • Puerlin

    I think a statement can also be made with bold plain colours, especially in winter months, rich oranges or burgundy look great. Personally I’m not a fan of the small dot pattern, probably because they make your legs look diseased. Stripes are greatly flattering, I particularly like the idea behind the Saffo tights, it would be great to see more opaque/sheer mixed designs like these.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Puerlin,
      Thanks for your feedback! Stripes and other geometric patterns, such as diamonds, are super flattering, too. Keep an eye for Oroblu and Trasparenze’s new collection soon, as there will be more of these patterns, we believe.
      Thanks again.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • ribbedtights

    Great article … as always … and I’m completely on your side!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with plain black opaque tights, but something with a pattern or design is so much more interesting. As you say, it’s makes a statement of who you are. I love the Saffo tights above, but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear them to the office!

    If I’m having a ‘less-brave’ day but want something more than plain black opaques, I’ll wear ribbed tights (there’s a surprise, given my user name). I recently bought the Aristoc Ribbed tights in navy from you … and I love them. I love how they look and I love how they get noticed!

    Thanks for bringing these ‘alternative to plain black opaques’ to my attention.

  • Miles

    I think it would be nice if one of your blogs was about men wearing tights and what style might be appropriate for them.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Miles,
      Thanks for your feedback. We recently wrote about why men should try tights and that would be a great idea for a blog post. Maybe we can ask Hosiery for Men for some advice, as they are experts in the topic. We don’t have nice images of men wearing tights, as we use our manufacturer’s images, but we’ll keep an eye and we’ll make sure to cover this topic.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team.

  • Anonymous

    My “Statement Tights” today are mustard cable knit tights with my rust coloured wool dress. All snug for a cold, grey winter’s day

    Ian CD

    • UK Tights

      They are stunning, aren’t they?
      They arrived just after we posted this, but we may update it with the new styles. What’s your favourite colour of these, Ian?
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Puerlin

    I agree with Miles and I would like to see a blog about how men could pull off a look that includes hosiery. For example I’ve experimented with wearing black denim shorts and black opaque tights but not sure what shoes would look sensible with that. I’m no fashion expert but want to wear thick tights openly in a reasonably masculine way. Is that ever going to be possible I wonder?

    • UK Tights

      Noted, Puerlin! 🙂
      On a side note, you can think of your tights are socks and match them just the same way:
      – dark tights = dark shoes (when we mean shoes, we include all types of shoes, from smart to casual ones, like trainers)
      – pale tights = dark shoes
      – colour-contrast your tights/socks with your shoes. For instance, you can wear teal-coloured tights with black shoes.
      – include patterns (just like we mentioned in this post, but with men’s shoes, instead of women’s).

      We hope that helps! Why don’t you give any of our statement tights a try with different pairs of shoes and see what you like the most? At the end of the day, your personal style is what matters the most, rather than any ‘fashion rule’.

      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • alan

    av worn the most boring pleated skirt ever according to my bestie lisa with black opaques..but when I wore it with gorgeous lacey outrageous tights she thought it looked ok!!! sexy tights look good with ANYTHING xxx

  • Dave

    Hi Guys and Gals,
    I’ve just read some of the comments on this thread and felt I had to have an input.
    There are a few comments from guys about men and tights from which I think we can safely say there is a growing frustration amongst us guys who wear hosiery and a strong desire to discuss our thoughts and feelings without shame or embarrassment.
    Uktights blog seems to be growing into a place where guys can talk in a safe environment and I think a blog post around this would be a great idea.
    It would also be interesting to hear the thoughts, either positive or negative from the girls and open the discussion up a bit.
    I wouldn’t want Dawn and the UKtights staff to think we are looking for a cheap therapist or to burden you with our woes but I think the guys are crying out….. I’m not though, I’m completely normal.
    Oh, by the way I love the statement tights, I think ribbed or cable knit are great and the polka dot tights in your post make me want to spend my next wage packet.


    • UK Tights

      Dear Dave,
      Thanks for your input. We are thankful that you feel like our little tights blog is a safe place to discuss hosiery openly and without prejudices of any kind. We always encourage our customers and followers to dress whatever they feel and we try not to judge anyone. We are no therapists, of course, but we are always happy to listen to anyone who has something interesting to say. Especially when it’s related to our favourite topic ever: hosiery 🙂
      Thanks for your blog post idea. We’ll think about it. It’s a sensitive topic to speak about for many people since there are many different opinions here and we wouldn’t want to be disrespectful. We’ll give it a thought, promise!
      Finally, we love to see so many of you love our statement tights! One has to be careful not to spend a fortune on Trasparenze, Oroblu, etc. right?
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Kathy

    For my part, I try to always wear thin 15 or 20 denier tights; a 50 denier tights is very exceptional, worn in very cold weather, no question of wearing pants in dry weather. But I sometimes wear black fishnet tights over nude tights to better show the pretty fishnet patterns. My favorite: the fine black tights with plumetis or dots pattern from Wolford

    • UK Tights

      Dear Kathy,
      Many customers tell us that they wear fishnets over glossy sheer tights, although most of them tell us they do it when it’s cold outside. Celebrities do it, so it cannot be wrong! It certainly can make your legs look amazing. We’re pretty sure you mean the Wolford Sarah Jessica tights, now sold out. We do have the matching polka dot ankle highs in stock, though. They are gorgeous!
      Thanks for your comment!
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • alan

    brilliant words dave….this blog is just sooooo AMAZING….ad be lost without it!!! am always reading and learning about hosiery on here now…read ALL the posts…its brilliant xxx

  • alan

    well uk tights…I blame yous for me constantly buying tights!!! and never being off this blog…my love for hosiery and tights is 2nd to none!!! I adore tights soooo much…thanks xxx xxx

  • Simon

    ‘Statement’ tights – great.
    There are some great patterns and colors available.
    Yesterday was Oroblu holiday ‘never off’ (a navy would have been nice) and other favourites are the various bold graphic designs.
    Nice to see some other ‘liberated’ chaps on here.

  • Samantha S. Rivera

    I had read the whole article of “Why men should wear tights?” (I think that’s the title.), I dont think that it gives a positive style.
    I’m in my 30’s and I’m a full-time crossdresser and I have to say that the tights for men will be thicker and that means that it’s going to be heavier.
    When I go out I don’t do men’s clothing at all, so the tights I have is women’s black sheer pantyhose 20 denier and I enjoy the soft silky feeling I get from women’s pantyhose, it shows my skin color at a darker tone which I had it with my Little Black Dress (LBD) with like lace or some type of mesh cutout it was a fantastic outfit cause what I got from my LBD, I got it from my pantyhose.
    Anything from the Men’s clothing department is all plain, no sense of style, plain and single color another example why I choose to put on women’s clothing.
    The print art work is fantastic, I don’t wear women’s clothing for any sexual arousal and so far I read most of the post and not segments either, and the tights and pantyhose I will definitely buy some.
    I wish I could upload a few pictures of myself and you can see that when I put my mind to it I look better and well dressed it didn’t happen overnight either.

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