Leggings, London Fashion Week’s Star Trend, Part I

Last week we talked about one of London Fashion Week ‘s most important trends. Leggings managed to make a prominent name for themselves on the catwalks. Nearly every big name designer featured them and I’m ecstatic about it.

This new trend couldn’t have come at a better time. Our own designers have given us their Spring/Summer works, and leggings have not gone unnoticed.

One design that required musing on was Oroblu Viviette. It’s somewhat previous for Spring, but just on time for the early bird fashionistas.

Oroblu Viviette Fashion Capri Leggings

Leggings have been featured heavily in the fashion world recently, but so have their makers. Oroblu have taken up a sizable portion of this blog’s editorial space, amongst others, but for good reason.

Oroblu is an incredible designer, and the photos they’ve chosen could scarcely be better. Every season, they show everyone what it means to be on the knife edge of fashion.

Oroblu Viviette Fashion Capri Leggings

Whilst these leggings look like they’re made of velvet, as the name alludes, they’re a complex blend of cotton, mostly, as well as Nylon and Elastic. The materials make these tights incredibly comfortable and ideal for Summer heat waves. Whilst everyone is looking decidedly flustered, you can stand out as the dedicated standard of style.

The pattern is a little difficult to decipher, but beautiful. Earthy, varied and rich, the chosen imagery reflects how Oroblu thinks about leggings. They should be robust and substantial. Oroblu Viviette is nothing less than that.


  • Recca

    Leggings doesn’t fit all types of figure, usually they emphasize your leg figure and size so this hinders me to wear one since I am not really that tall like any other typical woman. I also have enormous pair of thighs which makes me wonder that if I would be wearing one, I might be looking ridiculous. They are only for woman who have great shape and size of legs.

  • Deana

    Perfect leggings! Even if you just need a plain black pair, it would be great. They are rather expensive for leggings but its worth it they last very long and are also very chic.

  • Rainieha

    I like her outfit, she looks more attractive because she is so presentable with her get up. The combinations of color is perfect and she carries it well. Nice post!

  • Shayne

    I like the model. She pose great wearing a nice clothes and the leggings. I like also her sandal.
    Maybe, if I will wear that kind of clothes, I will also look great. I imagine myself wearing this kind of clothes make me laugh.

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