Leggings at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week closed yesterday. It was an exceptionally good one this time around, by all accounts. Burberry and McQ claimed the catwalk as their own and stole the show.

It’s important to report on fashion as a whole, as it all influences the rest, but one particular trend in leggings that’s been seen over the last week is perfect for leg wear lovers. Leggings were heavily featured in this season’s show.

Leggings stole the show!

Black leather look leggings

Designers  Clements Ribeiro and Issa featured fashion leggings in their catwalks. They’re truly beautiful pieces when they paired with the rest of the outfit. Leggings have been popular for years, but high fashion has mostly stuck with sheers.

This could be the beginning of leggings, an everyday fashion item, be included in the hallowed halls of high fashion. It may very well signal the start of opaques and thicker leg wear being an interesting and versatile addition to more formal outfits.

Fashion is what we make of it, so over the next few posts, I’ll be showing you some of the best leggings around and we’ll see if we can’t bring leggings into the realm of stylish, as well as that of casual wear.

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  • Recca

    Legging is helpful especially pregnant women. Often seen wearing on conscious on their stretch mark that can be seen. There are a lot of benefits that leggings can provide.

  • Deana

    I love wearing leggings because it is comfortable to wear and it gives more comfort with my legs. And we all know that it is a fashion trends nowadays. Most of the Koreans wear it in their daily get up.

  • Rainieha

    I also love wearing leggings not because its the fashion trends nowadays but, I like it because it is comfortable to wear especially in casual occasions.

  • Shayne

    I am not very much love wearing leggings. I feel not so comfortable to wear it. But, I love the design and the color. My friends keep telling me to wear leggings because it’s a fashion nowadays.

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